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Residents of Fayetteville NC, you've probably heard about the contaminated well water near the intersection of Rim and Raeford Rd. Higher than recommended levels of benzene has leaked from underground gas tanks where a gas station used to be. Apparently the only solution is to get city water lines extended to the area. Estimates for the work are about $175,000. Residents are using bottled water for the time being.

In one article from the Fayetteville Observer a resident is quoted that she was instructed by local officials not to water the lawn and not to wash the cars. My question is if it's not safe to water grass or wash vehicles is it safe to wash the dishes, take shower, or even clean around the house? Input from subject matter experts would be greatly appreciated.

This is definitely a fact that must be disclosed to buyers interested in the area. Testing water by a lab may cost several hundred dollars. I called a local lab and was quoted $125 just to test for benzene, nothing  else. A better option may be a test like the full lab analysis kit offered by for $150 it covers 76 different contaminants including benzene.

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Wayne Nichols

To all concerned my company has set up an initiative to improve the water quality in Fayetteville and surrounding areas.  We have a system that can be installed in your homes that uses a multiple filtration and UV light process to not only filter but fully purify your water source.  Investment is $.43 per gallon the first year and $.13 per gallon all subsequent years. Not only will this greatly improve the health and quality of current home owners, but this is a great feature that realtors can add to appeal to potential home buyers.  For more information please contact Wayne Nichols at 866.343.3985 or

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