Is selling a home in Florida without a traditional Agent using a flat fee MLS listing more work than paying a 6% agent?

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Is selling a home in Florida without a traditional Agent using a flat

fee MLS listing more work than paying a 6% agent?


The answer depends on whether the home is owner occupied or vacant. If

vacant, our ADDvantage Success flat fee listing offers exactly the same

features and service level of a 6% traditional listing but,  listing your home with our

ADDvantage Success plan saves about 45% in real estate commissions.


The cost of the ADDvantage Success plan is $699 up-front and 1/3 of 1%

at close. The seller pays the buyer's agent typically 3% but has the

right to offer any commission to the buyer’s agent. Some flat fee MLS

sellers using our Success plan offer 1, 2, 2.5%, 3 and some even 4%.

If a seller offers 4% or greater buyer’s agent commisison, then our marketing

Changes a bit to include our Street Smart ADDvantage Realtor eblast.


Realtors prefer a 3% buyer's agent. But, some by owner MLS sellers offer

even more commission to the buyer's agents with our Street Smart

ADDvantage Realtor ablest plan. This bi-weekly Realtor ablest does

garner quite a bit of extra attention as few properties offer 4 or 5%.


As the broker for ADDvantage, I refrain from engaging any of my flat fee

MLS sellers about how much commission one should offer to buyer's

agents. It doesn't go over well and I am often wrong when attempting to

offer "commission coaching." It reminds me of a situation back in 2005,

where a seller offered 1%. I made such a call and assured this client

that 1% wasn't going to attract the Realtors. Well, she promptly called

my office and complained about my call and suggested they fire me. This client

did sell her cute 1930's 100% rehabed bungalow offering that 1% commission.

But, that deal fell through because the

buyer couldn't qualify. Two weeks later, she sold it again with that

that same 1% commission to another buyer being represented by a Realtor.

So much for giving advice!


Back to the question, “is selling a home in Florida without a traditional

agent using a flat fee MLS listing more work than paying a 6% agent?”


If the home is owner occupied, our flat fee MLS business model does require the

seller to either use a lock box or show the home once a showing is

requested. This might be exactly the same condition when working with a

traditional 6% agent. The only situation where our business model can't

accommodate is when owner occupied and the requests the listing agent to

be present.


The last comparison is service. Our overall service at ADDvantage far

exceeds any traditional full-service agent because ADDvantage is open

for business 7 days a week 12 hours a day from 8:00am to 8:000pm.

Sellers, buyers, Realtors and others seeking help about their

listing in the MLS or possibly a Realtor calling for showing

instructions are assisted in real-time, everyday 7 days a week. No Realtor offers this because

when they are working with buyers, they are often not available by phone.

ADDvantage is always available and that is evidence by our hundreds of

testimonials from our happy and successful flat fee MLS sellers in Florida.


ADDvantage is a facilitator of real estate transactions. We represent

many sellers from listing to closing with our ADDvantage Success plan. If

the by owner just wants our marketing including the MLS,,, Yahoo and hundreds more sites but wants to "self-represent,"

then our traditional flat fee MLS listing for $349 works great.


So, why list with a traditional 6% agent? That is another blog called

"Why Flat Fee MLS Listing is Exactly the Same as a 6% listing but saves



Call us anytime at 1-877-232-9595 or 727-942-2929. We also offer some

sound advice about "selling a home in Florida without an agent."

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