Are You Ready to Help a "GREEN" Customer?

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No I'm not talking about "Martian" home buyers.  a "Green" customer is one who insists on a home that is environmentally friendly.
"Going Green" is no longer relegated to a small portion of the public.  More and more people want to do their part in preserving the environment and the best place to start is their homes. 

Smart water toilets, aerated faucets, energy saving appliances, special insulation and fluorescent light bulbs are not enough for some consumers.  The new GREEN consumer wants homes that are sustainable in their construction and will pay the price for it, so it's important that we stay informed on the new trends in environmentally friendly homes.

There are new trends being used in EF construction and we should stay on top of them.

These skylights, doors and windows allow natural light to come through while blocking harmful UV Rays.  This lessens the need for air-conditioning because it lessens the radiant heat from the sun while still allowing people to enjoy a sun-filled room.  It will also stop the fading of furniture, carpets and drapes from constant sunlight. 

There are many companies manufacturing PLASTIC LUMBER made from recycled materials.  Because of it's resistance to insects, weather, rot and rust it is a good alternative in construction of exterior projects.

Made from wood waste products or small, fast growing trees this siding has a life expectancy of 50 years and boast a very good fire rating in comparison to other types of siding.

Induction cook-tops release their energy directly to the pots or pans when placed on them.  This cuts out the radiant heat from open flames or burners and protect children and pets from getting burned.

LED (Light Emitting Diodes) have moved from electronics to the living-room.  They contain no ozone-destroying gases or chemicals like compact fluorescent or incandescent and use a fraction of the energy.

There are so many new trends that the engineer in me could go on and on and bore you to death but I decided to mention some of the options for areas that a lot of home-buyers will do improvements on.  There are also many new improvements in roofing and water-heating and collection. 

These features are not only environmentally friendly but pay for themselves in energy savings.  So when looking at a house that is energy saving and environmentally friendly remember the cost of these improvements are pricey but will save the owners in utility bills as well as the environment.

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Blank Blank
Maxwell, CA

I wouldnt turn the client away but, but I would explain to them that the chances of finding a resale with those specifications arent going to be likely. Since there really isnt much buildable land in St Petersburg I would advise them to find a floor plan they like then make the necessary changes.

Everyone has the right to pick the kind of home they like and Im not one to judge. If they want purple walls... Ill buy the paint. Im just here to help them get it.

Aug 03, 2007 08:41 AM
Eric Olson
Sky Realty - Austin, TX
Good points in the blog. How about a face with the name? you need a Pic!
Aug 03, 2007 08:59 AM
Renee Kokoszka
Citizens First Financial - Park City, UT

The list for what might constitute a green home is a very long one, and there are home inspectors who are certified to come in for both new and existing homes and will develop a "retrofit" list for their clients.  Actually most communities that support the green building iniative endorse a checklist that has over 200 items on it, and the home is endorsed as a "certified green" home if an inspector finds approx 75 items in compliance.   There are even communities who have enlisted city and county planners who will only approve new homes that meet the "green" guidelines. 

I would check with my local board of realtors to see if there is someone who can help with certified green homes.   And we might as well all get on board, because the future is here! 

Side note:  Just yesterday, I attended an Environmental Improvement Committee Meeting.  Our guest speaker discussed the benefits and advantages to a geo-thermal heating system with a cost analysis.  I was stunned by the technology available.  It is renewable, it is clean, it is cost efficient,  it is safe, it is practical and its available. 

Aug 03, 2007 09:03 AM
Sharon "Toni" Brown
Exit Realty United - South Ozone Park, NY
South Ozone Park - New York City Real Estate

Eric you are so right and being that I have a new hairstyle, new look I couldn't see putting an old look pic up. As soon as I get a free moment out of my hubby , I promise to put a fresh pic up.  Give a girl a chance I just joined your wonderful network yesterday :)

Renee I know the meeting must have been great.  My Dream House is an ecological dream but I don't see me building it here in NYC.  I've previewed a coule of Green Condos here in NYC and they are amazing.  Seems like our tax dollars should be funding more of the new technologies and maybe it can be more affordable.

Alfie thanks for the website, I will visit late tonight so I can relish every morsel of it.

Aug 03, 2007 09:26 AM
Sharon "Toni" Brown
Exit Realty United - South Ozone Park, NY
South Ozone Park - New York City Real Estate
OK Eric I put up a pic, My son was making me crack up but it came out.
Aug 03, 2007 01:57 PM