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Even though it was cold, windy and rainy this past Saturday, I had an incredible day at the farm!  I was invited by SuzAnne Akhaven-Tafti, owner and farmer, of Full Circle Organic Farm LLC in Howell for a day tour of her organic farm operations.  The day began with a hot cup of tea in SuzAnne's kitchen for a friendly chat with the other attendees.  We then caravanned to the first barn.  This barn isn't like any other barn I have ever seen.  SuzAnne hired Amish craftsmen to build her barn.   The Amish craftsmen and SuzAnne's father laid out the plans for the barn on an 8 ½ x 11 sheet of paper sitting at her kitchen table. The men stayed at SuzAnne's home during the week while the barn was being built.  They set up a lumber mill (run by diesel) on the farm and all of the wood used for the barn was from the farm.  The barn is three floors and covers approximately 6,000 square feet.  As you can see from some of the attached photos, wood pins-to hold the barn together.  It was absolutely amazing!  The lower part of the barn stores all of the farm equipment which has never touched any other property except for SuzAnne's certified organic land.

We then headed over to the lamb pasture.  This part of the farm covers 360 acres.  The property is organic certified.  When we walked into the pasture the "orphan" lambs came running up to SuzAnne.  An orphan lamb is a lamb whose mother died during delivery or didn't take care of her new born lamb.  When this happens the care and feeding of the lamb falls to the farmer.  The lamb is hand feed and imprints itself to the person providing the feeding.  In this case it was SuzAnne.   The lambs are never given grain, only the pasture, hay and fresh water.   It truly was a "Mary had a little lamb experience."  The sheep are guarded by Llamas.  I learned that they do their job well protecting the sheep from foxes and any other unwanted creatures.  Llamas are strong aggressive animals when they need to be.   I watched them walk the perimeters, constantly peering over at the sheep to make sure they were okay.  Full Circle Organic LLC sells certified organic lamb.  What makes them organic?  When the mother sheep is pregnant in the last trimester of her pregnancy she is only fed organic food.  During lambing typically there is a high (25%) rate of death of newborn lambs.  SuzAnne's operation has a significantly lower rate of loss.  Probably due to the way that the lambs are cared for.  Full Circle Organic Farm LLC only uses a certified organic processor for their lamb.  So from start to finish-your lamb is fully organic certified.  A gal who has purchased SuzAnne's lamb said that it is the absolute best out there.  I'll keep you posted on that, since I have decided to purchase a lamb and split it with my son.

 We then headed over to the vegetable/fruit farm.  Again, this was very interesting.  There is an eight foot high fence around the garden and the garden is certified organic.  Some of the veggies grown are corn, lettuce herbs, squash, potatoes, beets, catnip and flower (as long as the weeder geese don't eat the flowers all up!)  Plus, there is fruit-this year the fruit is limited because the trees are young, but raspberries are guaranteed.  Full Circle Organic Farm LLC is a CSA community supported agriculture farm.  Check out the web site at to learn more about ordering your fresh veggies/fruit for the season.  Their full summer season is 16 weeks.

I can't forget the "skinny eggs."  These are organic as well.  Never fed corn and only whole grains and free ranged.  The hens are heritage breeds, brown eggs.  The breeds are Jersey Black Giants, Domickers, Buff Orrington, Dark Cornish and a couple of other types.  The eggs are called SKINNY, because they will fill you up and give you the extra energy we all need to deal with life!  I have had these eggs and they are nothing like you get at the grocery store with all of the additives!


What a day this was!  I learned so much and even with the cold and rain really enjoyed myself!  Check out or email to learn more about Full Circle Organic Farm LLC



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Lexi & Jordan Ostlund
RE/MAX Professionals - Gillette, WY

Fascinating stuff!  It's amazing the difference you can tell in the taste of organic foods...especially the meats!

May 12, 2010 09:17 AM
Ray Garrett, Jr.
Realogy Holdings Co - Richmond, VA
Director of Productivity and Innovation

Thanks for the article.  Most of the dairy I buy is from Full Circle.  It was great hearing your descriptions and knowing they really do the things they claim.  Thanks again.

May 12, 2010 09:19 AM
Josh Robbins
AirMD - Orlando, FL

It's great to make the switch to organic.  One thing to keep in mind is switching over to organic cleaning products.  Take a look at the warning labels on the store bought cleaning products.  It is no longer necessary to introduce these toxins into your home.  There are alternatives on the market that are non-toxic, organic, biodegradable, earth and human friendly.

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Mar 07, 2011 07:00 AM