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This is a "Classic", stay with me guys, you're going to love it!
I have had this one property on the market for quite some time. The sellers called me up and I could hear the pain in their voices; "Dave, we have to sell within the next 30 days, neither of us are working, we can no longer make any more payments.

So I decided to pull out all the marketing tools I had at my disposal and really "crank it up" to get their house sold. I even spent $300 for 2 huge signs (4ft X 8ft) to put in the front yard where practically everyone in the universe could see it. I think the astronauts could even see them from the space station!

Get a call from 3 buyers within a week! The first offer was a cash offer but fell through because they were not able to reconfigure the 40ft X 50ft. Detached metal building. Not to worry, I already had a "back up" plan in place. So as soon as the 1st offer fell thru, I called the next set of buyers and informed them about the situation. Yes, they were still interested and were going to drive up from Orlando immediately.
It was a match made in heaven! The husband loved the huge detached metal garage, as he was a collector of classic cars and the wife simply loved everything about the house, from the kitchen to the solar heated pool!

You know how you know that you know a deal is going to come together? Fortunately, I try to be prepared and had all the paperwork ready. Everyone couldn't seem to sign fast enough!
So there we are basking in the glow of a fully executed contract in record time. The guys were talking shop stuff and the wives were talking all the women stuff.

Everyone is ecstatic! I'm thinking, were all going to start singing "Koom Bai Yah" any minute now. The sellers wife goes to a drawer and pulls out a handful of photographs. Hmm, must be pictures of their remodeling or maybe when they built that awesome detached garage.....No, it was pictures of a 10 (ten) foot Alligator that had ambled up into their yard from a nearby lake (see  "repress urge to kill") .

Fortunately the buyers were Floridians and knew that in some areas, alligators are just part of life here in Florida.
I'd be curious to hear from others about how "Defeat is snatched or nearly snatched from the jaws of success" by the actions of the sellers.

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Catherine Chaudemanche - Edison & Central NJ
Metuchen Keller Williams Elite Realty / Middlesex County, NJ - Edison, NJ
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LOL, funny and unfortunately not surprising...

May 12, 2010 11:26 PM
Drew Zinck
Drew Zinck Photography - East Aurora, NY

I think I would be more afriaid of the Boas that are starting to populate Florida. I am glad that your clients were understanding.

May 13, 2010 12:34 AM
Dave Morehead
Coach Light Real Estate, LLC - Jacksonville, FL
GRI, ePRO, AHWD, TRC, Coach Light Real Estate, LLC

Cathy, Thanks I just figured we all could use a laugh but like you say...."It's not surprising"


May 13, 2010 01:04 AM
Dave Morehead
Coach Light Real Estate, LLC - Jacksonville, FL
GRI, ePRO, AHWD, TRC, Coach Light Real Estate, LLC

Drew, You have a good point.  The 'gators are native....they were here before anyone but the boas, anacondas and so many other "non-native" species that we have here in Florida, seem to be multiplying faster than anyone could imagine.  It all boils down to their previous owners just being irresponsible!  There are probably many others out there with similar stories of the sellers sabotaging their own sale.  You could very easily rewrite this story and replace the word alligator with mountain lion in the California mountains or bears in the Northwest.  How about beachfront property sellers bragging about how many sharks they've seen swimming just 10 ft. from the shore.....just after someone wrote a purchase agreement. 

May 13, 2010 01:14 AM