Do you lack confidence?

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I must admit that one of the most surprising discoveries I have found has been the lack of confidence so many agents have. Any time a Realtor is considering our coaching programs, whether it be to sign up or just receive a free consultation, we have them fill out a coaching questionnaire that asks a series of questions designed to allow us to get to know them better and fit them best with the most compatible coach. One of the questions that is asked is if there is anything or any personality trait that we should know about that has hindered their success to this point. On about half of these questionnaires the same answer keeps coming up; "I lack confidence" or "I need more confidence" or I don't have enough confidence".

There are many things that can hinder an agents success at any level but lack of confidence is one that affects not only the newest of agents, but many would be surprised to know how many more experienced agents lack the confidence they desire. Whether it is a lack of confidence in theirselves or a lack of confidence in their market, it comes off the same way to any potential clients.

So, how do we improve our confidence so that is shines through with our buyers and sellers and ultimately translates into more transactions for us? I will post my thoughts on this in a little while, but let me hear your ideas?

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Loreena and Michael Yeo
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How? Confidence doesnt just show up at the door one day. Confidence is acquired through experience. As you get better, you can speak authority on the subject. That's when confidence slowly grows on you. Others can see through that.

A confident, knowledgeable and well-versed sales person speak in a different auro than those who dont possess that quality.

May 13, 2010 03:08 AM