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Homes for Sale and Martial Arts

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Homes for Sale and Martial arts...they don't seem to match, do they?  In fact, real estate and martial arts are not even in the same category, right?  Wrong.  Here are my thoughts on this.

Ralph Harbison, REALTOR, GreenShorinji Kempo Logo

Last fall, I earned my black belt in Shorinji Kempo.  It took a little over four years to do so.  Granted, some of that is because I am fat and slow, but I never gave up or quit trying.  According to Shorinji Kempo, a first degree black belt is just starting to learn.  Yes, they can teach others, but they cannot run a branch.  Yes, they are more advanced than other students, but they have a long way to go.


I have been in real estate in the Birmingham area for about the same amount of time.  I have pushed myself to learn everything I can about the business and the area.  Even though I am a local boy, I am amazed at how much I did not know.  If I have homes for sale in Trussville, homes for sale in Moody, homes for sale in Vestavia Hills, and homes for sale in Hoover, I have four different sets of homes and different clientele.  I have to understand the best way to market to each of them.  Do I feel like a black belt in real estate?  Yes.


I still have more to learn.  I cannot say "Well, I have achieved, I can stop and just let business happen."  No, I must keep pushing myself.  If my goal is another rank in Shorinji Kempo, I know what I must do.  If my goal is more business, I know what I must do.  The answer to both is the same: I must work, I must push myself into areas that I do not know as well, I must learn, and I must never give up.   As an example, I was the first agent in my area to earn the Green Designation.  It is not enough to stay the same.  One must strive to succeed or they will fail.

If you are looking for an real estate agent in Birmingham, do you want someone who is behind the times in how buyers find homes?  Do you want someone who works a few hours a day?  Do you want someone who is not trying to become the best?