UNAA State Chapters

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It is our goal to join together those notaries public who respect the notary and notary signing agent profession and choose to conduct themselves within a proper code of ethics set forth by the United Notary Association. Not that we can monitor and control everyone's conduct but rather through UNAA local chapters, the appointment of state representatives, state leaders, elite membership and chapter membership we can create a system by which there is not only a local presence but an ability to create a family-like atmosphere where everyone knows everyone. It has always been said, ‘It's not what you know, but who you know'. Well in this situation it is both, otherwise known as a WIN-WIN. Through UNAA local chapter participation, it will be who you know but also the chapter leaders will be able to vouch for what you know, how knowledgeable you are within the signing agent and mortgage industry. The UNAA chapter leaders will be in a position to refer business leads to those they feel are the best in the field. Sometimes this comes only from who you know so the UNAA chapters and participation in the chapters helps you to be known to the leaders to receive those referrals.

The UNAA chapters are to be the life-line of all United Notary Association members. Through a training program being developed, new notaries will have the ability to be brought up to speed in a manner that will be fully accepted by mortgage companies and title companies.

If you want to continue to work in this industry, now is not the time to be a wall flower. When I speak of participation; your strong suit and your preference may be helping behind the scenes; participation does not necessarily mean being in the public eye. The UNAA chapters are meant to bring out and utilize the strong suits of all of us to create a better whole. Everyone can play a part.

If you would like to be a part of the United Notary Association and your UNAA State Chapter, please contact the representative listed in your state. If your state is not currently represented and you either feel you would like to lead the state chapter or know someone who may, feel free to contact us.

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