Feng Shui Staging Tips For Selling Your Home in Burnt Hills NY

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Feng Shui Staging Tips for Selling Your Home in Burnt Hills NY

Sell Your Home in Burnt Hills NY


Feng Shui Tips to Selling your Home in Burnt Hills NY


Feng Shui has thrived in China for decades, however the philosophy has only recently made its debut in the real estate field.   Feng Shui literally translates to "wind water."  This promotes wellbeing by rearranging how chi or energy flows through your home.  

The concept has flourished in the United States with frustrated sellers. Today there is no doubt that is is a sellers market.  Selling your home can be a challenge in this market.  However by using simple staging tips learn how to sell your home in a sellers market.  These tips can help make your home more appealing towards buyers.


7 Feng Shui Staging Tips For Selling Your Home


1.  Improve your home's energy.  Energy begins at your front door.  Invite people in with a door that stands out.  Paint your door a color that contrasts with your home.  You can continue by adding a welcome mat and bordering the door with plants.  Use plants that have rounded leaves, as sharper leaves can seem aggressive to buyers.  

2. Remember the rule of first impressions.  Buyers tend to decide whether they are interested in the home within the first eight seconds they are there.  Clear a path to the room you want the buyer to see.  Use a rug runner and accessories to drive the buyer to this room.  

3.  Don't let your homes energy go down the drain.  Usually the first thing buyers see while entering a home is the bathroom.  Try to remember to keep the bathroom door closed when you leave your home.  The toilet is thought to drain your home's energy, so keep the toilet seat down and cover drains when not in use.  

Feng Shui Living Room placing the couch facing the the entrance of the room attracting home buyers4.  Improve Chi by rearranging the furniture.  The flow of furniture can make or break the energy in the room.  Place your sofa or love seat facing the rooms entrance.  This will improve the rooms energy and make the buyer feel welcome. 

5.  Remove all clutter and depersonalize rooms.  One rule that is consistent in home staging.  That is removing clutter.  Clutter prevents energy from flowing through out the home.

6.  Give Support.  Large furniture, such as beds and sofas, need the support of a solid wall behind them.  Try not to place larger furniture in front of a window.

7.  Refresh the senses.  Motivate your home's energy by adding a wind chime to the front right corner of your home.  


Feng Shui Staging Tips For Selling Your Home In Burnt Hills NY



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