My Touch and Tell Tale. i and MS iPad. Is it for you?

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Have you heard about the iPad?

Are you wondering if it's worth it? Or, is the iPad for iDIOTS and people who don't know the value of a dollar? Here's my story. But, let me warn you... I'm not normal. I should tell you that before you go any further. To my credit, I did wait until the end of the day before slobbering my order. I tried to tell myself that I didn't "need" it. Lust was excused as natural, logic prevailed. Whoosh went my $729 + tax. I pre-ordered mine evening one. It's the 3G/32 Gig model. My wife was annoyed....something about "stupid is as stupid does", and some other stuff. You might agree, I don't know.

Supreme Vulcan-Logic went like this...

  1. "I have (imagined or real?) tech-cred to consider. How can I be in-the-now and a legit-player, if I'm watching from the sidelines? Obviously a "Need" not a "Want."
  2. "How can I answer questions about what it is, how it works or is it worth it, if I have no experience. Easily mission critical, not a "Nice, but not necessary." Definitely necessary, critical in fact.
  3. "Imagine the possibilities! There's not a guru (I'm no guru, I'm using the word for effect and for the people who believe there is such a thing) alive who doesn't scream, reinventing yourself is more important than oxygen or fire or Crown Royal. How can you reinvent yourself and save the world if you not willing to embrace change, stretch your comfort zone, get out of the box and or generally sashay cliche' your very own renewal, regeneration and personal salvation. Most definitely a "can't live without it", not a pinhead (see photo), narcissistic, knee-jerk, shiny object, impulse purchase."
  4. "$700 is serious. The cost of not knowing the in's and out's, pro's and con's is seriouser. Better to invest in knowledge, experience and the possible future than sit idle and speculate (see 2. above)."
  5. "Etc."
I know I don't need to convince you or justify myself, I'm just sharing the sober realities I wrestle with before I purchase a piece of the future or invest in the magical. You know?

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