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Dear Seller: Let Your REALTOR® Get It SOLD!

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Dear Seller: Let Your REALTOR® Get It SOLD!Dear Seller: Let Your REALTOR® Get It SOLD!

You've selected a REALTOR®  to become the listing agent in the sale of your home. Here are 10 Things that will help get it SOLD!


1. Be honest and upfront with your expectations.Dear Seller: Let Your REALTOR® Get It SOLD!

2. Listen to the agent. When it is necessary to lower the price in order to get people through the door, then do it. The agent should have documentation showing current value. Price point is key and has to be inline with the market to peak the interest of buyers.

3. Keep your house clean and ready to show at all times. If you have animals, keep them in kennels or in an enclosed area for the buyer's safety as well as theirs, not everyone is an animal lover. Clean out litter boxes well beforehand.

4. Do not talk real estate with other agents. Direct them to contact your REALTOR® with questions or concerns, showings and feedback. It is unethical for agents to discuss your house with you while you are under contract.

Dear Seller: Let Your REALTOR® Get It SOLD!5. When the home is being shown, please leave. Most people do not want to know why you think they should buy your house. They will surely find out if they are interested on their own.

6. Maintain a good attitude. If someone asks how the Open House went last weekend, be positive about the results even if only 2 people walked through the door. One of the two could be a potential buyer.

7. Do not speak ill of your agent. If your REALTOR® isn't doing their job, speak directly to the person, not to your neighbors, the hairdresser or other agents. It will eventually get back to them in one form or another!

8. When you receive an offer, avoid completely shutting down the process by saying NO! Talk it over with your REALTOR® and begin the negotiation process. Once you have passed that window of opportunity, you may be in for another price reduction.

9. Be realistic about timelines in order to sell your home. Your agent should be able to show you how many days on market are typical for your home regarding price, size and location.

10. Once your home is under contract, do not attempt to renegotiate the commission. Your agent worked hard, spent time and money to get it SOLD! A signed contract is legal and binding.

Good luck in selling your home and by hiring an experienced REALTOR®, you're on your way to moving forward and gaining positive results!


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