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I received an email from a Realtor who needed help with one of his listings.  I called within an hour of receiving his email and he chuckled when I said, "This is Holly with Dallas Real Estate Staging".  I didn't think I had said anything funny and was relived when he said that he had contacted at least four home stagers and not one of them called him back.  He then said that I was hired because I had returned his plea for help.

So, I immediately called his client and set up an appointment for a home selling consultation.  The homeowner shared positive feedback about my service and this is what the Realtor said:

"Thank you for this report. I can see the value of your services and in the future I will always recommend that my clients consider using your service in order to maximize their efforts. I know my client feels that your report will be of significant help."

Ah, it's a great feeling to know that I was able to help a home seller and a Realtor; and it was as easy as picking up the phone to make a call!

Holly Bellomy, Your Home Staging Consultant

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