OCWEN and its President, Ronald M. Faris, Called Out as “Two-Faced”

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ocwen-main-logoFred Weaver with special guest, Brian Gubernick, compare and contrast Mr. Faris' statement to the press and his actions behind the scenes. Revolting! Shame on you Mr. Ronald M. Faris!

Link to Article about OCWEN President Ronald M. Faris written by Kimberly Miller (Palm Beach Post Staff Writer) on 2/26/10 http://www.palmbeachpost.com/money/ocwen-financial-president-ron-faris-trying-to-make-292877.html

In the article above, Ron Faris states....

"People also think that we make money by foreclosing on a home. Foreclosure is not only bad for the homeowner, but it is also bad for the investor in the loan because foreclosure almost always results in a loss."

Now here comes the revolting part...

Email from OCWEN President Ron Faris to Brian Gubernick on 3/13/10...

From: Faris, Ronald [mailto:Ronald.Faris@ocwen.com]
Sent: Saturday, March 13, 2010 8:59 AM
To: Brian Gubernick
Cc: Coykendall, Joshua

Mr. Gubernick,

Can you help me understand how a short sale will help the homeowner?   My goal is to find a solution that keeps the borrower in their home.  If that is not possible, then there is no meaningful difference between a short sale and a foreclosure sale.  If you have a buyer for the property, we can always sell them the property post foreclosure sale.  As it looks like you are a real estate agent I can understand that you are concerned about losing your sales commission.

I suggest you have the borrower contact Mr. Coykendal to see if there is any way for us to do a loan modification.


Ronald M. Faris

Please, please forward this to everyone including your Senators and Representatives.  OCWEN needs to be exposed for its hypocrisy!

Also, if you know anybody that works for OCWEN, on any level, please forward this link to them.  Or, feel free to write Mr. Faris yourself.



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Bob Hertzog
Summit Home Consultants - Phoenix, AZ
Designated Broker

Great post Kevin!  The scary thing is that I feel that most lenders have this same attitude.  I think it's awesome that you guys are exposing them, and I've re-blogged it.  I've also flagged it, asking for it to be featured, as I feel it is SO important for other agents and borrowers to see this.

Great Job!

May 18, 2010 05:18 AM #1
Kevin Kauffman
Keller Williams - Tempe, AZ
Kevin Kauffman

Thank you so much Robert!  Were are committed to holding these banks accountable! 

May 18, 2010 06:57 AM #2
Tiffany Torgan
Harcourts Prestige Properties of La Jolla - La Jolla, CA
Featured on HGTV's New Show! How Close Can I Beach

These banks are criminal and I cannot even say what else! I am trying to get my second trust deed modified by Bank of A holes (they did modify my first) and I spent an hour in a half on the phone with them and she referred me over to the foreclosure department! I will be re-blogging all your posts this week...I want these banks exposed!

May 18, 2010 12:00 PM #3
How did you talk to "Josh"? I always have to talk to "Abhijat" or "Ajar" or "Remi" Ocwen is totally frustrating. I have found that if you call the 800# and hit 2 (I think) for Spanish, you get the folks that speak English and Spanish in Florida. :-S
Aug 18, 2010 02:46 AM #4
Sue Riley
Very interesting. I have a client whose loan was just purchased by OCWEN. They had submitted a short sale application to their lender only to find out the loan was sold. I need to get a short sale for them before it is foreclosed on. This is good information, I can only hope I have a better experience.
Sep 01, 2010 11:01 AM #5
Ocwen obtained our Mtg in 09 from original Mtg Co of 4 yrs. NOW for the past 3 months Ocwen has REFUSED our mortgage payments and is foreclosing. Cecil said we have until Oct 7th to pay $5,875.00 but wasn't sure that Ocwen will accept it and we probably would not get the money back, Then on 9/16/2010 I called Ocwen and talked to Aida Wright, she told me she wanted $7,115.12 but the forclosure will still go through and no money back. Ocwen was late taking payments from my bank 2 times in past. NOW for the past 3 months Ocwen has REFUSED our mortgage payments and is foreclosing as I am typing this, I have talked to people at Ocwen that say they cannot help but Cecil did say we have until Oct 7th to make a payment of $5,875.00 but she wasn’t sure that Ocwen will accept it and we probably would not get the money back (I’m not sending that much money if I can't keep my house or get my money back). Then on 9/16/2010 I called Ocwen and talked to Aida Wright and she told me she wanted $7,115.12 right then, I told her the money is in the bank all they have to do is get it out as usual, she hung up on me. They make more money by having foreclosed homes than on our loan payments. Now I wait for the foreclosure sign to be put on my front lawn.
Sep 17, 2010 08:15 AM #6
I went to attorney 9/21 and he called Ocwen and got another amount of catch-up amount and the woman spoke perfect English because she is the person that talks to your attorneys not to the borrowers. something else just came up to add to my despair so i am walking away from it and Ocwen can have it. OCWEN AND THIS TOWN I LIVE IN CAN FIGHT OVER IT. I'M GONE, I'M MOVIN ON DOWN THE LINE. :) ocwen screwed me and no vaseline.
Sep 22, 2010 05:45 AM #7
Nick Good
The Good Home Team with Keller Williams Realty - Allen, TX

Anyone have any experience dealing with OCWEN as a 2nd?

Oct 05, 2010 08:53 AM #8
Paul Bowie

We too are having issues with Ocwen and   can never speak to anyone in USA always India.

the sth florida BBB gives Ocwen an "F"

I reported them to FL attorney general but got fobbed off-is there NOTHING anyone can do/is doing  ??

Aug 28, 2012 03:32 AM #9

Property inspection fee charged for no reason. My e-mail to Ocwen CEO:


Hello Mr Faris,


My name is ****** ******, and my loan was sold to your company by Aurora financial group. On my October Statement, I was charged a $35 property inspection fee, which was quite surprising as no lender has ever charged me such a fee on any loan I have ever been a party of. When I called to inquire, I spoke to one of your portfolio managers who refered me to my deed of trust to justify the fee. My deed of trust contains no such provision, including the section pointed out by Mr Kazia. Since Ocwen has a rather large number of complaints (in the thousands just on BBB alone, with an F rating) regarding similar issues, I have already logged complaints with the BBB, FTC, CFPB, and the State Department of Corporations. And now I'm logging a complaint with you. I've never been deliquient on my loan, taxes or insurance, so this isn't an issue of assesing penalties on people who should "look in the mirror" as you so eloquantly told one of your customers. No, this is an issue of what's wrong with America. If your company gets sued / fined and goes bankrupt, and you loose your job, you walk away with everything your company stole from the American people. And some wonder why people want to raise taxes on the wealthy? Because of how some aquire their wealth. The actions taken by your company in order to reap profits gives those who actually earned and worked to make millions a bad name. It is you, sir, who should look in the mirror.


Good day. And have fun in court.



Oct 23, 2012 12:50 PM #10
Chad Williams
Mr. Gubernick...please help me!! Dear Chad, Thank you for contacting Ocwen. One of our team members will contact you shortly. Below is a summary of your website form: Summary of web form submission: Your Name Chad Williams Email Address cawilliams74@gmail.com Case Number 9373995 Areas of Interest Theft of Property 320 S Richard St Bedford PA 15522 Company Phone Message I am requesting a representative of Ocwen Financial contact me regarding the theft of my property by a Vendor sent out to remove our belongings from a home we were in the process of purchasing. We had a rental agreement with the owners of the home even though the property was listed for sale as possible short sale. We provided our lease agreement along with our offer for this home to Ocwen who was well aware that our belongings were in this home. The home went to Sheriff sale even after a rep representative from Ocwen said it was not. Now Altisource had a vendor send a third party out to remove our belongings and incinerate them. Including my 16 month old babies belongings. I am requesting someone from Ocwen contact me to discuss this issue and why were where never informed of the removal notice. Nothing was posted after the Sheriff sale as I had went by weekly to check. nothing appeared until yesterday when the property was being removed. I respectfully request return contact regarding this matter. How did you hear about us? Continuation on my message.I have documentation regarding my rental lease and that it was supplied to Ocwen with our offer on this home. I also have names and dates of phone conversations with Ocwen representatives and our real estate agent. I would hope this matter can be handled professionally and someone can step up to the plate and speak with me regarding this. This is my third request for a return call.
May 31, 2014 12:47 AM #11
I lost my home of 20 years to these people...They wouldn't modify my loan,because I live in Texas,they wouldn't take repayment because I couldn't come up with 7500.00 half of what they say I needed to pay.....The repayment would make the payment 700 dollars more a month than the original payment....so if I couldn't manage the lower payment,how do you think a higher payment was going to work? I fought with them for over a year......In the end I had to sell this house to a real estate investor for a fast sell,and no foreclosure....I am still broken hearted by this as I am a single parent and had to leave the only place we had!
Jun 03, 2014 01:37 AM #12

Ocwen Financial Ways to Hold Ocwen Accountable, Straight Up Info, Take It Or Leave It West Palm Beach, Florida


Here's a few more contacts for you to voice your concerns. Start here with contact numbers and names. Beat their phones down and their emails
Ocwen Consumer Ombudsman at (800) 390-4656 or Ombudsman
William.erby@ocwen.com - 561-682-8520 ronald.faris@ocwen.com - 561-682-8560 scott.anderson@ocwen.com - 561-682-8913 call into the switchboard at 407-737-5000 and ask for other members of upper management email and phone number
The best way to get Ocwens attention is to call anyone above or below at the following companies that either supply Ocwen with your accounts or rate Ocwens performace and tell them how bad a job Ocwen is doing. Tell the companies that originated your loan how bad India is screwing up your account, terrible communication, lack of follow up, 5000 Indians, 5000 different answers etc... Tell the rating agencies that drive Ocwens stock price how bad a job Ocwen is doing. Again, Ocwen doesn't wake up every morning and say 'Now how can we screw our 400,000 accounts today'. Reminder, Ocwen makes more money via your performing loan vs a non performing loan, called an interest payment. Ocwen doesn't not intentionally or deceitfully try to break the law. They're just completely stupid via INDIA and upper management that can't settle into a consistent way of doing business. Everyday upper management wakes up and asks themselves how to make more money and they try different rules and regulations, internally, and hope that rules and regulations don't violate any law.
Lehman Brothers - Richard Fuld Jr.Fitch - Thomas Crowe at 212-908-0227 or Kathleen Tillwitz at 212-908-0239Standard and Poors - Richard Koch - 212-438-2513 or John Bartko - 212-438-7368Moodys - Fern Wang - 212-553-4621MorningStar - ?Try also - Credit Suisse Bank - If these numbers don't work, call 411 for updated info but call the decision makers about your issue.
Check Ocwens stock price - Pathetic - Ocwen stock price from 3.55 in 03 to 15 in 2006 back down to 4.65 in 2008. Erby will say, Well this and that, market conditions, economy, blah, blah, at the end of the day, little anticipation of your needs and his mismanagement which funnels down to his incompetent managment team.
As a reminder, Ocwen is a skeleton crew in Orlando, FL, under 125 employees. Intuit - AKA Quickbooks supports takes up the entire top floor and over 1/2 of Ocwens bottom floor. They are also leasing out additional space that Intuit can't occupy. Most of Ocwens foreclosure reps are now in West Palm Beach, FL. India is your biggest liability if your loan is at Ocwen. Reminder, tell the Ombudsman or a manager to raise the USAO flag so that calls to you and from you will route to the US NOT india. And don't take Ocwens excuse that calls will still route to India whent the flag is raised, the call won't. Also tell a manager to place 'USA calls in and out only' in the comments screens on the front screen. Tell your congressman to mandate all calls about a mortgage stay in the US. Site communication, privacy and security of your SS#s and personal data in a foreign country as reasons to keep your accounts in the US.

Jan 14, 2015 06:27 AM #13
P diddy

Ocwen goal to is to foreclose and take your home no matter what. 186000 times Ocwen illegally foreclosed on unsuspecting homeowners. They use forged documents, they lie about loan modifications and even lie to judges during civil litigations. The reason Ocwen chooses to service unconventional loan is that they are insured with credit swap insurance that pays out ten times the original loan amount if you become 90 days late and Ocwen effects a foreclosure.So Ocwen and their partners in crime on a house with a $100000 loan that goes delinquent and is foreclosed on make what ever payments you make plus ten times the original loan amount.... Then the sell the house at 30% in a auction.You see the rewards are to great for them to ignore. They will do anything even encourage home owners to become delinquent then create a atmosphere whereas the unsuspecting homeowners eventually walk away in disgust or get forced out with a foreclosure. Some folks who never had a issue with payments are forced into more modifications that end in foreclosures and in some cases break into homes and remove personal belongings in illegal foreclosures. Ocwen management have daily meetings with lawyers who represent them in civil lawsuits and devise methods to confuse both judges and politicians in a effort to continue this rape of equity from homeowners.Believe it or not....just go to the county recorders office and see how many homes are in Ocwen name. How does a servicer of loans become owners of deeds of trust and not the investors.....its because the investors are paid in full from tax free insurance proceeds. Ocwen forges documents and does illegal foreclosures and then sell them on Hubzu, A Ocwen owned company.....They all should be jailed..... But alas after 2.3 billion in fines they still foreclose on homes with due process. Proof is in the 30,000 civil lawsuits Ocwen is litigation with those few homeowners who CA afford a lawyer who can't be bullied by Ocwen lawyers...... 90% of civil lawsuits Ocwen fights are settled out if court in a effort to keep these fact out of juries eyes and ears......

Jun 13, 2015 06:41 AM #14

You are right P Diddy, They are also known for back-dating Foreclosure Notices, and adding outrageous fees like the "Property Inspection Fee." In my case 6 mos.! Unfortunately, I made the hard decision to go ahead and sell my home before they attempted a Foreclosure. The day before escrow closed, it was brought to my attention what they attempted to do, and since the monies had already been wired to them, I now had to fight them to refund almost $15K they owe me! Then 16 days after escrow closed, they served Foreclosure papers on me. Only 10 mins on the phone with the attorney, they apologized, and had the suit dismissed in court.

So far I have only gotten a fraction returned and still trying to get the balance!

Dec 21, 2015 10:56 AM #15
Ronald Faris

OCWEN is a living hell hole of greedy ass fuckheads

May 05, 2017 09:57 PM #16
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