Avoid "Realtor Client Referrals" at all cost!

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I made the mistake of signing up for leads from "Real Estate Client Referrals" and have regretted it ever since.

First they tell me I will only get "Qualified Buyer Leads", so I signed up for only those looking to buy for 100k or higher. Very nice when they were selling me the service and told me once Agent sign up they always renew the contract, it's such a great service! (Ah huh..)

They agreed to 22 leads for $2079 plus an additional 25 leads free! Sounds good right? After all, these are qualified leads expecting a call from a Realtor!

Well, after receiving all my "paid" leads, I have yet to have one qualified lead. They all want 10k houses, no jobs, can't qualify for loan, etc...

When I complain about the leads, they say they are replacing them with new leads, but once they replace them, and the new lead is equally worthless, they say "They do no replace the FREE leads". What?? A worthless lead replaced by another worthless lead is still worthless1 Right???

Now all of a sudden they are sending me Listing leads for entire County. That in itself is not so bad, but when I tell them these leads are too far from my market area, they tell me they cannot indicate zip codes, only the county. I tell them I do not list in the "War Zones" where houses can be bought to $2000. They don't care! "Cannot omit specific areas".

I can see that at this point, they are simply using up remaining leads that have no value to me to finish out the contract. They argue with me on the phone about what I "signed up for". I am waiting for a copy of contract to check the fine print. BE SURE TO READ THE FINE PRINT!!

My advice.. AVOID THIS COMNPANY AT ALL COST. Not worth ANY investment!!