Diary of a Real Estate Professional - Day 43

Real Estate Agent with Keller Williams Realty Las Vegas

After I complete a real estate transaction I find it difficult to keep constant contact with all of my clients. Email is the best communication vehicle; the least time consuming and the most economical. One of the services I provide after closing is referring vendors and partners whom I trust to help people in the areas of taxes, setting up trusts to protect assets, repairman (everyone needs a good one) and more.

Letting people know an CPA is able to amend our taxes for the past 3 years can potentially bring new found money to families who really need it.

Setting up trusts and protecting a homeowner's assets prevent our homes from going to probate court in the case of unforeseen events. Planning ahead is one of the key to success.

Hiring a reliable repairman will help save lots of money for small maintenance jobs. Did you know homeowners who are selling their homes can add a home warranty without cost while the house is listed on the market for sale? It's a feature negotiated between your Realtor and Home Warranty companies on your behalf therefore hire a Realtor and find out all the benefits of proper representation!

For all of your real estate needs in Las Vegas contact xlu2006@kw.com!


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