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This week I'll be holding a social media training event for the Water Wonderland Board of REALTORS.  In preparation for my trip to Gaylord on Thursday, I asked some questions of the board AE Jeannie Rizzardi regarding what was going on in their market.  I did this in part so I had a feel for the outlook and mindset of the members, and in part so that I could have some material for examples.

One of the items that came back in a response from Board President Cheryl Schlehuber was regarding the new Mackinac Straits Hospital and Health Care system in St. Ignace.  Cheryl said: "We have a brand new Hospital and Health Care system with is the first of its kind in the nation, combining the previous county hospital with the Tribal health care.  Opened on the north side of the city in May of this year."

This, to me, is a perfect topic for a community Real Estate blog post.  People of all generations care about health care, and Boomers and Civic generations are increasingly making real estate purchase decisions based on the availability of quality health care.  Not to mention job growth that comes with this type of new venture.  So what would a post look like?

The new Mackinac Straits Hospital and Health Care system in St Ignace is now open!  This first in the nation combination of our previous county hospital and Tribal health care is a welcome addition to our community. Not only do residents and visitors throughout the Straits area have access to state of the art medical facilities, but it should also add to our economic base with new employment opportunities.  

The activity at the Hospital and Health Care System are contributing to a positive buzz about the area that includes redevelopment of some downtown waterfront property that should be a fabulous location.

On the real estate front, we're seeing a tremendous increase in business over the last six months.   There seems to be a real increase in confidence regarding values of properties in the region.  Home sales are actually up 38% year to date!

Realtors don't need to think of themselves as a blogger, but as a one man/one woman chamber of commerce.  We're in the business of selling community.  The best way to to that is to share the love- share what you love about your community, share what is happening, who is doing good things, your favorite events, tips and recommendations.

Share the love.