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Not your mother's Realtor

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Shawnee OK Real Estate not your mother's RealtorNo big Dallas hair. No corn chip finger nails. No bird toy earrings. No glamour shots. No syrupy fake talk.

Do those images make you think of the 80’s TV show Dynasty? Slick-talking infomercials? Real estate agents?

It’s true those stereotyped images of your mother’s Realtor are portrayed on TV and in movies, and they mortify me. They make me wonder if all the flash is put on to distract us from deficiencies in knowledge or skill. Just like me, you may be wondering if your mother’s Realtor is also keeping up with the times.

Since 1994 I’ve been a part of an industry making huge strides in evolution—from almost entirely paper to nearly paperless. From wired communication to digital. From typewriter to e-mail to text messaging. From secret MLS books to transparent Web-based home searches. From photograph to virtual tour to video. It’s exhilarating to be a part of the evolution!

We have evolved, haven’t we? Peel away all the flash and you may be surprised.

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