What Sets YOU Apart From the REST?

Real Estate Agent with The Maranda Group at Koenig & Strey Real Living

Have you ever wondered what sets some realtors apart from the rest? What makes them the "one" that clients gravitate to? What are you doing every day, day in/day out to improve yourself and your business. Did that person have better timing, marketing strategies, support, etc. What are the secrets to your success? If you consider yourself happy and successful (or at least well on your way) I would love to know "having what it takes" and what you are doing and have done to get there. What did you do to develop the self-confidence and determination. How much weight do you put on core values for your business? What values are critical in your business, even if at some point one or more of them became a competitive disadvantage? The list can go on and on but this should give us an interesting starting point. I look forward to ALL of your comments....

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