Solve The Housing Crisis with Immigration and Stop Terrorism

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I have a simple solution that could seriously help three major problems in the United States today. What are those problems?

1. The Economy

2. Immigration

3. Terrorism

Here are the problems.

The economy is screwed up for a lot of reasons, but a major reason is that people aren't buying up the housing inventory quick enough. Another reason is that people just aren't spending money like they used to.

Terrorism is always going to be a problem until, as Golda Meir said, "They start loving their children, more than they hate us." However, we can and need to do a lot better job of monitoring the possible terrorist that is coming across our northern and southern borders.

Immigration, is a little trickier, because it depends who you ask. Most conservatives say that they are for stricter immigration standards because they want to stop illegal aliens from taking the jobs of Americans, prevent criminals from other countries from coming here to commit more crimes and lastly, to make sure terrorist don't also sneak over the borders.

I think a lot of the immigration issue is really about racism. But, the conservatives say it's not, they say it’s about the economy and safety. So let's try this solution and put your vote where your mouth is.

Let's open up our borders!

I'm not crazy. If we let everyone that wants to become a citizen, become a citizen, we will solve those other two problems.

How does open citizenship solve the terrorism and crime problem?

Right now, we have thousands of good illegal aliens coming across our border and mixed in we have one or two criminals. Imagine if the thousands good ones didn't have to sneak over, the only ones sneaking over would be the criminals and the terrorist. Now they'll be a lot easier to catch. Now if someone is an illegal alien, you can really assume that they have bad intentions.

Ok, fine, how will all these immigrants taking our jobs help the economy?

Where do you think illegal immigrants spend their money? They don't jump over the border for a burrito every time they get hungry. They spend it in the community. Where are they going to live? They have to rent, buy and sell properties here in the United States. They'll take jobs, but they'll also create jobs. Plus, there are many immigrants that could bring money, technology, and even entire businesses into the United States if the citizenship policies were not so stringent. Think about the business owners in Iran that can't sell to the world because they are in Iran. Think about the business owners in Peru and Venezuela that are scared their business is going to be nationalized any moment.

If the US opens its immigration policies we will not only attract the migrant workers in Mexico and Guatemala that are already coming anyway. We will create a European, Middle East, Far East and South American brain drain that will bring the best and the brightest to start businesses in the United States, creating jobs, taxes and new technologies.

I know there are plenty of objections that can arise from this policy including health care, social security and public services. But, I really think that the benefit to the economy will counter those problems. Think about all of the immigrants that have made this country what it is. Imagine if Einstein stayed in Germany to burn in the ovens. Imagine if Andrew Carnegie stayed in Scotland. You may be reading this article thanks for a Google or Yahoo! search. Imagine if those were Russian or Chinese inventions respectively, because their co-founders were. The point is, let's stop being xenophobes and racist, let's open up the borders, if not for compassion, for the Economy, stupid!


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Elizabeth Bolton
RE/MAX Destiny Real Estate Cambridge, MA - Cambridge, MA
Cambridge MA Realtor

Hi Andrew ~ I like the way you think!  The anti-immigration fervor gets very ugly.


May 19, 2010 01:15 PM
Andrew Cohn
ALC Risk Solutions and The Jewish Business Magazine - Miami, FL

Thank you Liz!

May 20, 2010 01:57 AM
Akali D.
Tropical State Mortgage ( - North Miami Beach, FL
FHA Loans -- FHA Mortgages --

Good article Andrew.  Thanks for contributing to the community.

Jun 09, 2010 01:04 PM
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