Nashville Home Inspection - Damaged Tree - What's Wrong With This Picture? 5/19/10

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Now onto the blog:  Nashville Home Inspection - Damaged Tree - What's Wrong With This Picture?  5/19/10 

HINT:  What is going on with this tree?  Should this crack be included in a Home Inspection Report?

Tree Crack

ANSWER:  To the first question, Nothing good.  To the second question, YES!  This tree is approximatley 80 feet high and the trunk is approximately 16" in diameter at 2' above the ground.  Plenty of weight and plenty of trouble if this tree goes down and hits a house.  Which is exactly what is about to happen if the right wind comes along.  This tree has been attached by insects, including termites, at the base.  See the closeup below.

Tree Insect Damage

And below is the crack up close.  The crack runs about 3 feet in total length and is about 1" wide at the greatest opening. 

Tree Crack Closeup

So what do you do? What do you advise the Client to do?  Cut it down?  YES!  And that is exactly what we did.  And when we got to the last cut you can see that the entire middle of the tree is rotted out.  The tree was only being held up by the outer roots.  See the photo below.

Rotted Tree Base

So should this crack in the tree be in the Home Inspection Report?  Absolutely.  If not, the Client is at risk personally and the house that is only 70' from this tree is also at risk.  Remember, the tree is 80' high.  And, it costs about $1000 to cut this size tree down, remove the stump and haul the remnants away.  Not a minor expense.

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