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Where To Get Mortgage Answers In Asti

Mortgage and Lending with Ascent Home Loans

With all the newspapers, TV News and stories on the internet in regards to what's going on in mortgage industry, sometime it might be a little scary to even think about getting a loan.  Loan programs have changed or have been entirely discontinued, everyone has heard about the sub-prime problems, in fact you may have a sub-prime loan right now as you're reading this. Mortgage companies all across the US have closed their doors.

Actually, things are not as bad as they seem. There are still plenty of loan programs available to current homeowners, investors and first-time buyers. Despite what the news reports have been implying, there are actual senior loan officer's across the US, including myself,  who are reputable and are willing to take the time to talk to their clients and help them decide what's best for them.  

If you are thinking about purchasing a home or refinancing your current loan, and are looking for a mortgage professional who can answer some of your questions. I have set up the following website, Need My Questions Answered, where you can send your questions by email without getting bothered by phones calls in the middle of your dinner or family time.

If you would like to know a little more about my experience and background in the industry, please feel free to to click on the following website, Ascent Home Loan.

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