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Hillsborough Commercial Opportunity

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(Now SOLD) Located on Main Street in Hillsborough, NB on busy highway 114 leading from metro Moncton to Fundy National Park, this 10 year old property was built for a bakery / cafe / restaurant use. The real property and business was sold as a turnkey operation in 2006. However under the new owner the business failed in 2009 and the bank became the owner of the real property. Originally listed for sale at a much higer price, now the list price is $118,500 $112,500 which is less that it would cost to re-build it today. The lot is 967 square meters with municipal services and is paved. The view of the Petitcodiac River is an added feature.

For more information on commercial properties in New Brunswick go to http://CommercialNB.com2783 Main - Hillsborough