Poverty hits the middle class

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Most of us know what it is to be broke. Either we have experienced it personally or we know somebody who has been or is broke. Being broke is just a temporary stage in life when a person doesn't have the money they need for a need, want or desire. Poverty is an entirely different animal.

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Poverty refers to the condition of not having the means to afford basic human needs such as clean water, nutrition, health care, education, clothing and shelter.[1][2] This is also referred to as absolute poverty or destitution. Relative poverty is the condition of having fewer resources or less income than others within a society or country, or compared to worldwide averages.

Can you imagine good wholesome hardworking middle class people being in a place where they couldn't afford basic human needs? Honestly, for me it's hard to imagine.

Statistics from The World Bank

The current financial turndown has meant a slower rate of poverty reduction. This year, fewer people will leave poverty as a consequence.

Will poverty reach up to the middle class and pull down people who have hit hard times? It's time to wage war on poverty. A group of entrepreneurs in my city have come together with a sensible plan to knock poverty to it's knees. We're looking for those in cities around the nation who want to change their cities by waging war on poverty.

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Jon Zolsky, Daytona Beach, FL
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I think poverty also has a devastating psychological affect on people. many lose will, and never get out

Many homeless people actually choose to be homeless. Hard to believe, but this is true

May 20, 2010 05:50 AM
Kristen Wheatley
Better Homes & Gardens | The Masiello Group - Brunswick, ME
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Good question Cedric.  I guess a lot of that depends on people's spending habits.  Many are feeling the pinch, or sometimes, swift kick, but some are also just feeling the concequences of living so close to the edge with their spending habits.  A family that I know, that could probably be classified as poor by some, seems to have faired best during this time.  They spend very little, grow and make what they can, and have always lived below their means.  They still do not have a lot by the standards of many, but this recession has actually affected them very little.

May 20, 2010 05:55 AM
Cedric (Ced) Reynolds
Covina, CA
(909) 263-4569

Jon, thanks for the comments.  You are so right.  Poverty produces such hopelessness, that good intelligent people are even sucked down to nothing.  Once the will of a man or woman is lost it's hard to bounce back.  We're doing our best to help these folks bounce back.  Thanks again Jon.

May 20, 2010 05:57 AM
Cedric (Ced) Reynolds
Covina, CA
(909) 263-4569

Kristen, thank you so much for your comments.  Glad to hear of the family you know making the best of their situation.  It does go to show us that if there is a will there is a way.  Thanks again Kristen.

May 20, 2010 06:00 AM
Steve Mattison
Canyon de Chelly National Mo, AZ
Vietnam Veteran

Such sad but true info, thanks for sharing Cedric.

May 20, 2010 07:02 AM
Cedric (Ced) Reynolds
Covina, CA
(909) 263-4569

Steve, you are welcome.  Thanks for your comment.  Poverty is a sad situation.  That's why I've declared war in my city with a few business partners.  Thanks again Steve.

May 20, 2010 10:07 AM
Mike Martin
(909) 476-9600 ~ WeLoveSellingRealEstate.com - Fontana, CA
Realty Masters & Associates

It IS hard to believe, but it's also a possibility with so many people losing their jobs, losing their homes, and just generally amking less moeny in an economy where everything is getting more expensive, it's more than likely some formerly middle-class people are being sucked into poverty. I agree with Jon too that this can have an astounding psychological impact in the families involved (especially in a culture where money carries so much weight). I'm glad you're bringing this trend to light Cedric! It's something we all need to be more aware of.

May 20, 2010 10:07 AM
Cedric (Ced) Reynolds
Covina, CA
(909) 263-4569

Mike, I want to thank you for taking to the time to read my blog.  I see that you see the plight of poverty  that exists right here in America.  It's not just those who start out with a poverty mindset who are being affected.  It's good hard working people who know nothing else but to get up and go to work.  But when there is no job to go to and no prospects of another one coming their direction, this gets down right scary. I heard this gentleman online at a website talking about this issue. http://15yearsleft.com .  Initially I thought he was way off base but as time goes on what he said is coming to pass on a regular basis.  Thanks again Mike.

May 20, 2010 10:38 AM

May I ask , How can you wage War on Proverty, and Who do you describe is  the Middle Clas ?  Have any of you ever Lived in Proverty , and if so what did you do to get out of it?

May 23, 2010 02:19 PM
Cedric (Ced) Reynolds
Covina, CA
(909) 263-4569

Karen, thanks for your response.  Regarding waging War on Poverty, I conduct a Cash Flow Solutions program where I help people who are looking for a way out of their current situation.  Feel free to contact me and I will be happy to tell you how you can learn more about it.  As for your question regarding me living in poverty, I have not.  Hard working people who pay their bills would be probably be considered Middle Class.  There are many who are sliding down the scale to a place called broke.  Beyond broke is the road to poverty.

May 23, 2010 02:53 PM
James Muhammad
RE/MAX Champions - Upland, CA
RE/MAX Vision

All I can say is that I really, really hope this can work to help us. California is in desperate need of help and what ever programs that are available we better try and use them all..

Oct 10, 2011 08:39 PM
Karen Anne Stone
New Home Hunters of Fort Worth and Tarrant County - Fort Worth, TX
Fort Worth Real Estate

Ced:  What I fear is that many of the newly impoverished folks will panic, and vote for some of the "crazies" that the Republicans are trying to nominate.  Nothing motivates like fear, and the Republicans are experts at using fear as a tactic.

                                                                October 11, 2011

Oct 10, 2011 10:20 PM
Phil Leng
Retired - Kirkland, WA
Phil Leng - Retired


Kudos to you for highlighting the problem and even more for tackling it.

All the best to you and your business partners.


Oct 10, 2011 10:44 PM