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Cape Coral lease options are a great idea again. Florida Future Realty, Inc. has been receiving a high number of requests for purchasing homes in Cape Coral via lease options. We are in need of more inventory to fulfill the needs of these buyers in Cape Coral. Many of these buyers have unfortunately lost a home in the past few years to a short sale, foreclosure or deed in lieu. They are good people who want to purchase a home they can afford but banks aren’t lending them money, yet. They want a place to call home and are sick of moving every 6-12 months from homes that are also going into default! We need your help. If you have property in Cape Coral that is paid for and you’d like to receive income on this property we have a great plan for all. Lease options were very big several years ago and they are big again.

There are 2 parts to a lease with option to buy. The first part is the lease. The lease agreement is set up for anywhere from 1 to 3 years. There is first & last month’s rent included to get started. Rent rates on lease options are slightly higher than standard rental rates because the tenant/buyer will be receiving part of their monthly rent towards the purchase price.

There is also a contract for sale and purchase. This price will be based upon projected market value at the time the lease ends and the sale is to take place. The tenant/buyer will also put a non-refundable deposit down as well. This is generally 3-5% of the sales price but can always be negotiated to fit the needs of all parties involved. This amount will also be credited towards the buyer’s closing costs at the actual sale of the property. If the tenant/buyer fails to purchase the property then they deposit is completely forfeited to the owner of the property.

Our lease option program guidelines: Cape Coral Lease Options

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Kelly Rios

Hello Susan, I am interested in looking into the houses you have available for lease with the option to purchase. You can email me. I am currently in Ohio and would like to relocate to sw Florida. The cape is where I would like to be. I currently have family around the SE 8th Terrace area if you have something there that would be nice.

I have time. I'm not planning to relocate immediately but that might change.


Thank you

Nov 26, 2011 05:01 PM