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Come and look this Sunday from 11AM to 2PM and enjoy Ave Maria ICE CREAM from Peterborough! If you want instant access to all NH MLS listed properties and are willing to fully enagae with me as your agent, then look no further- this is the most robust search vehicle around for getting what you want in a home:


This home is sited near the top of a dead end street and is located in the quaint but vibrant town of Greenfield, NH.  Greenfield New Hampshire Real Estate located in the Greater Monadnock Region boasts a newly expanded village store making nearly all your grocery shopping needs near at hand.  The library underwent expansion in the early 2000's, and at the same time an assisted living facility was built in town as an altyernative to those that did not want to leave town in their old age.  And why would they?  Greenfield NH is a town where churchbells still play out the tunes, where conservation is a big ticket concern, where both Sunset and Zephyr lakes are open to townspeople to swim, where the Nation's largest brain and spinal injury facility exists at Crotched mountain rehabilitation center and of course North Pack Monadnock mountain is open year yound for a sanctuary style hike, even in hunting season as hunting is not permitted in the sanctuary trail system.  The air is clean, the commute to Peterborough NH takes all of 12 minutes and Oak Park serves as a major recreational facility for concerts and sporting events, the latter which provides for more than ample community involvement and getting to know thy neighbor time.  Finally, Greenfield State Park is home to summer and fall campers from near and far and itself offers yet another great lake in which to swim or in the winter enjoy as an ice fishing spot.  Winter sports, such as cross country skiing and snowshoeing and snowmobiling on miles and miles of trails is what entertains.  Or hop down to nearby Wilton and catch a Town Hall movie as they get releases just as quickly as they are obtained in NYC- no kidding, I don't know how they do it!  And the popcorn is authentic!  This home is one of many homes available through agents in Southern NH

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