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Home Staging Facts and Myths


Before Home Staging

"Home Staging doesn't help sell properties that are being lived in."  

Home Staging Myth

 After Occupied Staging

Occupied Properties show a dramatic change after professional staging. These properties are also some of the most difficult to stage. These properties require staging and merchandising to produce and maintain a highly marketable property while being lived in. The experienced stager's knowledge is vital to achieve a successful outcome.


Home Staging Classes "They told me to clean, de-clutter and bake some cookies. Isn't that staging ?" Home Staging MYTH



When someone tells you to clean, de-clutter and make repairs, They are discussing Pre-Staging. Pre-Staging has to be accomplished before the actual staging can be implemented. Professional Stagers may include these in their staging and merchandising report however they will only be the first steps to produce a highly desirable Ready-For- Market Property. If you are instructed to do the Pre-staging with just a few tips here and there, Find an experienced Home Staging Professional.

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Home Staging Classes"I am a listing agent and want to offer home staging services to my clients. I am an addict to home staging shows on HGTV and am talented in decorating. I have seen online blogs saying if I have the talent I don't need a home staging educational program. Is this true?"

Facts and Myth- Home Staging Today versus Home Staging Yesterday


Many of the online comments on home staging education addresses home staging yesterday, the way it used to be. (Making the property look pretty).

Home Staging has evolved from the decorating to the multi level requirements of really effective Home Staging and Merchandising. Having the talent to make a beautifully decorated property is only half of what is acceptable home staging of today.

 A  home staging professional must be knowledgeable in established merchandising guidelines, experienced in problem solving skills and understand the psychology of the current real estate buyers. Adding these required skills to a beautifully staged property creates a top of the line highly desirable product for the current real estate market. These advanced skills are not taught on those entertaining shows.



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