Should I Renovate Before Selling A Home In Burnt Hills NY

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Should I Renovate Before Selling A Home in Burnt Hills NY

Is their more money in renovating or selling your home in Burnt Hills NY


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Should you stay and renovate or just sell your home?  How do you determine if there is more value to renovate or sell your home?  

First, determine the cost of buying a new home in Burnt Hills NY.  A new home for sale can run anywhere between $300,000 - $600,000 in Burnt Hills NY.  Many factors come into play pricing a new home for sale.   Add up the costs of selling your home.  Then estimate the cost of a new home and what you could get for your home as is.  

Next, determine a budget for renovations.  Home improvements do not have to cost a fortune to increase the value of your home.  Sell your home for the price you want.


Renovate before Selling Homes Sold in Burnt Hills NY


Renovate Your Home for under $500 Before Selling Your Home



  1. Spend Time with a Real Estate Agent.  Realtors will give you tips to help sell your home quickly.  This is at no cost.
  2. Discover inspiration.  Search magazines and articles for design and decorating ideas.
  3. Paint is a very inexpensive way to give the home a fresh feel.  
  4. Shrubs and colorful plants can add curb appeal.  
  5. Plant a tree.  Not only will planting a tree add curb appeal it can cut cooling costs more than 40%.
  6. Replace your out dated bathroom vanity.
  7. Replace old lighting fixtures and plumbing fixtures.  
  8. Remove old area rugs and carpets.

Should I Renovate Before Selling A Home in Burnt Hills NY


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