Low risk cash flowing investment homes starting at $21,500

Real Estate Agent

What if you could Invest as little at $21,500 on a home, with very low risk, and instant cash flow of $3,000 to $6,000 per year.  That is what we provide at www.cashflowhomes4u.com .  

In my 17 years of buying and selling homes this is the safest, most profitable, and hassle free investment opportunities i have seen.  You will be hard pressed to find homes at this price with instant 12-15% annual returns.  We have taken away most of the risk and headaches of purchasing invesment properties making these homes great investments.

Check out the Warranty program we have put in place and then ask your self if you can find a less hassle free investment.


Cash Flow Homes 4 U has created a Warranty Program designed to provide a hassle free investment for you the investor. We have targeted what we feel are the most critical points of any Real-Estate Investment. This program helps protect against the following:

Interruption to your monthly Investment Income


In the rare case of Tenant Default, it can take up-to 90-180 days to evict, repair and re-sell the home. We have tried to provide the "Worst Case Scenario" and offer up-to 1 full year of payments.

Unexpected Expenditures


If you have to experience the unfortunate Eviction of a Tenant, this cannot only create a headache for you, it can create unbudgeted expenses.

With our program, you can rest assured that:


  • The Eviction itself and the costs associated with it are covered.
  • The cosmetic repairs sometimes needed, are managed and covered up-to $2,000.00.
  • The Management hassle associated with re-selling or renting (if you so chose) is covered.

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