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Real Estate Dinosaurs Of San Mateo County: We Are Going To Drive You Into Extinction!

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Original content by Phil Caulfield NMLS#386911

Dear Real Estate Dinosaurs Of San Mateo County,

I, a fellow real estate agent, am writing this letter to you as fair warning, you are soon going to be extinct!

You know who you are. You spend thousands of dollars on your advertising. In your advertising you tell us how you are in the top 1% in the universe in sales. There's a picture of you next to your fancy car. You have pictures of homes that you have sold with a red CLOSED banner draped across to impress us.

Your office is a testimony to yourself. Your top producer trophies are spread throughout your expansive office. Your certificates with alphabet soup designations are perfectly placed to impress us.

Who am I, you may ask? I'm that agent down the hall in that small cubicle. It may not be real impressive, but it is where I am implementing my plan to drive you and others like you into extinction!

It is here where I am sharpening my tools to begin the assault. Don't worry, it won't be bloody, but it will be painful!Cubicle

I won't be conducting this operation alone. I have teamed up with Phil Caulfield. He is a social media assassin. He has been trained in the art of social media warfare. And to be quite honest, he does not like you! He has called you in the past to introduce himself, but you have not returned his call. He has a chip on his shoulder. He wants you extinct as much as I do.

We are going to fight fair, so I am going to tell you the tools we are going to use to see your demise.

First, we are going to strike you with our ActiveRain blog. We are going to post content that buyers and sellers are looking for. As a matter of fact, we are going to hit you with content from page one of Google!

Next, we are going to poison you with a viral infection. We are going to post our content on our Facebook Fan Page. Our Fans are going to share this with their friends to make sure your virus spreads. 

We've knocked you down, and you are staggering! As you are convulsing with your last breaths, we are going to psychologically destroy you by Tweeting our valuable content right in your face! I told you it was going to be painful!

Your days are numbered, Real Estate Dinosaur - I'm coming to get you.


That Agent Down The Hall In The Small Cubicle


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Comments (2)

Jan Bradshaw
The Bradshaw Group - Greenwood, SC
Specializing in Lake Greenwood for over 13 years.

Couldn't help passing this one along. Loved the humor as well as the realistic picture presented as to the future of real estate. "Times they are a changing" and it's hard to even keep up AND make a living at the same time....but OH so necessary. I think this post holds true for future real estate in ANYTOWN, USA as well as San Manteo County!

Jan Bradshaw

Prudential Cambridge Realty

Greenwood, SC



May 24, 2010 02:49 AM
kathleen bonham
FHAllen, Sonoma Country and Vintage - Santa Rosa, CA

I think it holds true too! It just made me laugh as to the presentation! Aggressive enough? I think so. 

Sep 01, 2010 09:42 AM