How To Deal With Goof-Ball Decisions, Idiotic Choices and Cognitive Bias.

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One Hundred Seventeen

That’s how many Ah-Ha and Ha-Ha  Cognitive Biases  I counted.  117.

I say Ah-Ha, because reading about them explains why people make the stupidest decisions and behave boldly-irrational.

I say Ha-Ha, because I have to laugh at myself and how many of these decision-making, behavioral, belief and social biases I allow to tarnish my day-to-day adventures.  Turns out, I’m biased as hell.  Just like everyone else.  But, I’m gonna do something about it.  How about you?

Because familiarity with the In’s and Out’s of human behavior is valuable learning more about Cognitive Bias is wise.  When we understand why normally sane and reasonable we and others make goof-ball decisions and behave idiotically-irrational, we can do something positive to correct or avoid them.

Of the 117, I wanted to talk about 2 of them.  They aren’t really related in nature, but I think you may be familiar with both.

First up, the…

 Illusion of Control Bias

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