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Township Zoning Laws: Colerain Township Nuisance Properties Beware

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Colerain Twp. Nuisance Properties Beware

Cars like this may be removed by Colerain Twp under 'Home Rule.'

Cars like this may be removed by Colerain Twp under 'Home Rule.'

CINCINNATI --  Colerain Township has a new weapon in the fight against blighted and nuisance properties.
The township’s board of trustees has voted to invoke "Home Rule," a clause in the Ohio State Constitution that allows townships to enforce stricter zoning and property maintenance codes.
Among the targets of this enforcement are several properties along East Miami River Road that are littered with junked cars.
Board President Jeff Ritter says the change will make a significant difference.
"Some of the provisions of home rule will allow us to declare the property a nuisance and then go in and actually remove a lot of the junked cars, sell them for scrap and recoup the cost to the township,” Ritter said.
Those who feel they are being targeted are furious with the township, saying they are just trying to run their farms as they have for decades.
At least one property owner says he has retained a lawyer and plans to fight any attempt to clean up his land.

Some property owners feel the goal of the change is to force them off their property so subdivisions with a higher tax base can be built on their land.

The home rule goes into effect June 11.

Township zoning laws like this one seem to many to be government flexing their muscles, and I can understand residents feeling that way. However, this type or zoning laws only affect those who have nuisances like abandoned cars in their yards or on their properties. Some fear what could be the next zoning laws?

I completely encourage zoning laws that protect the value of my property, especially if my neighborhood had eye sores like old cars etc. Zoning restrictions like law can only increase property value and that is not debatable.

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