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It's early Sunday morning and as I pass the Frontenac Road historical sign , a lightness begins to infuse my cells and I enter another world.
I step back in time to a place that holds deep
Algonquin tribe roots and the stories of a handful of early settlers who came for the furs, the abundance of the forests and early mining claims.

Turning on Burney Point Road and driving down the gentle hill, my gaze veers left to the beaver pond and lodge where it’s creators call home. The road twists and turns as it travels up and down granite ridges formed in another time by the great glaciers that traveled this way.

I park my car and begin walking to find the perfect places to hang my signs.
After awhile I wander down to the old unopened township road allowance and meander through the woods down to the shore  of Black Lake.
Black Lake is like glass this morning. A loon calls from midway across the lake and as I study the opposite shore, I think of the people who have swam at the Sharbot Lake Provincial Park beaches on the other side.

A kayaker catches my eye, his red kayak smoothly slicing the glassy surface as he silently glides along. I am reminded that Sharbot Lake Provincial Park rents out kayaks and canoes. I also pause to think of my friends in the area who recently found themselves to be the owners of two kayaks and of how much they enjoy this newfound, peaceful way to explore Black Lake and it's neighbour (separated by a small portage), Sharbot Lake.

In the distance a small rowboat drifts while it’s lone inhabitant trolls the lake for the morning catch of walleye. Some children sit on a dock, down aways, and lazily let their lines float, watching their bobbers for any movement. A pail for panfish sits beside them while Dad watches nearby and Mom stokes the woodstove readying it for a fresh breakfast of homefries , baked beans and crisp, lightly battered perch.

All around birds are calling, Red Tailed Hawks , woodpeckers of every kind, small warblers and in the distance a Great Blue Heron lands gracefully near the shore.

The air has a crisp scent of pine and decaying leaves. A chipmunk stands proudly on a rock nearby and chatters away to me in a language that can  only mean ‘did you remember to bring the peanuts?’. Unfortunately, peanuts were not on my ‘to do’ list before I left this morning.

Rising to leave, I remember the work I have come here to do, posting the signs on the 5 parcels of land, I have listed for sale, in this beautiful area of eastern Ontario.
I attend first to the Burney Point Road properties.
Perfect places to build a cottage or permanent home with Black Lake access being only a 3 minute walk away, the town of Sharbot Lake being only 5 minutes away and Kingston being just under 80 kms away.

As Land ‘O Lakes property prices steadily rise , they are amongst the last vestiges of reasonably priced land in south-eastern Ontario cottage country. This is the land of hundreds of clean and beautiful lakes, perfect get-aways for fishing, unwinding, re-connecting with nature, swimming and searching for shells, birdwatching, sitting by fires on dusky evenings and cool mornings while coffee perks and children play lazily on old hooked rugs with games of yesteryear.

History has a thousand and one faces. Through our past and the preservation of our future, we learn what holds true value in this life we lead. Family, serenity, nature and peace, all can be found here.

Crossing Hwy 7, I travel onto Access Road, opposite of Burney Point Road. Here there are two parcels of land for sale, each comprising over 20 acres with extensive road frontage and mature trees, and excellent building locations.

The property on the north side of Access Road has an old logging road that I have been enchanted by once or twice as I meandered up it’s grassy path, little noises of trickling water singing in my ears from the tiny creek traveling down it’s rocky path to my right.

 I reach a clearing and spy a beautiful, beaver pond bordered by grey and multi-coloured granite shores, as they gently slope into the depths of the blue water. As a vision of an old canoe enters my mind, I float peacefully over the surface singing softly, to myself, 'Land of the Silver Birch' and remembering the calls of the people before me.

This place is home, it sings of a long line of hardy pioneers and natives who loved the land, their ancestors carrying on the tradition now as the blood of their people carries with it the memories and promises made to the creator, to protect, to nourish, to resp ect and in turn this beautiful land will return to each visitor and those who come to stay, a thousand fold.

A thousand fold of peaceful dreams, of bright sunny days, of happy children splashing on rocky shores or on little sandy beaches,; a thousand fold of oldtimers floating along in canoes and fishing boats, bringing in the evening’s supper.
A thousand fold of birds that can still find places to nest and live unencumbered. A thousand fold of friendly people with stories to tell and a warm smile as they invite you to share in their home-cooked stew and bread fresh from the old cookstove.

These are disappearing places; you can’t put a value on them, and most people, have never experienced what can be found here.
Sadly many never will.

It is up to each of us to preserve the memories and legacy of our ancestors and to make sure that this way of life amongst clean lakes and gentle people continues on.
We must teach this to our children, be great stewards of the lands that do become entrusted to us; build our homes and cottages in ways that are nature-friendly, and never forget who and what was here first.

Continuing on with my work, I remember the note I once put in a time capsule on the shores of Eagle Lake, another of Ontario's great areas of beauty and peace, long ago,

‘In wildness is found the preservation of the world’ ~Henry David Thoreau.



For more information on the parcels of land currently available in the Sharbot Lake areas, please contact me via email or phone anytime


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Laura Cerrano
Feng Shui Manhattan Long Island - Locust Valley, NY
Certified Feng Shui Expert, Speaker & Researcher
Jo, your posts are so beautiful and the pictures and story so tranquil, I can feel as if I'm there for a few minutes.  In an unstressed, beautiful place just watching the beauty of nature.  Your line of "never forget who and what was here first" is SO true.  And respect for this beautiful land we have.  I'm hoping you're having a wonderful, peaceful day!
Aug 06, 2007 03:33 AM
Jo-Anne Smith
Oakville, ON

Thank you Carole !  I greatly appreciate your kind comment.

You're so right. Respect for others starts with respect for our land, where we all come from and that which nourishes us and gives us life. I wonder how many children these days understand that the food they buy at the store starts in the ground ?

Thank you, I'm having a great day and after doing a bit more work, I am going to my Dad and Stepmom's cottage for the day and night.   ((-:

I hope you're having a good day too and your packing for your trip to Paris is almost done ! How exciting !! 


Aug 06, 2007 05:03 AM
Patrick Canavan
Keller Williams Realty - Yorba Linda, CA
Orange County Real Estate Voice

Hi Jo-Anne,

Very well written.  I must chime in on Carole's comments that the pictures and beautiful!  I have not been to Canada yet but have had the pleasure of seeing some beautiful places since I moved to California. 

Aug 06, 2007 07:20 AM
Jo-Anne Smith
Oakville, ON

Hi Patrick, thanks for stopping by my blog and for your lovely comment. I truly appreciate it !  I've never been to California, however it is on my list of places I want to visit (and Ireland is in my top 3 due to my Irish roots).

I hope you get to visit Canada some day, each province offers it's own unique beauty and attractions. Ontario is the land of thousands of lakes and a lot of history. I think you would really like it here...


Aug 06, 2007 11:19 PM
Cynthia Tilghman, RealtorĀ® Onslow County NC Home Specialist
Kingsbridge Realty, Inc - Hubert, NC
Hi Jo,
Beautiful, I felt like I was there with you, seeing and feeling the beautiful and serenity.  Thanks for taking me along.  
Aug 07, 2007 02:00 PM
Jo-Anne Smith
Oakville, ON

Thank you for stopping by and reading this post, Cynthia. I greatly appreciate your lovely comment.


Aug 07, 2007 11:09 PM
Bill Cherry, Realtor - Dallas, TX
Broker & Wealth Coach

"Continuing on with my work, I remember the note I once put in a time capsule on the shores of Eagle Lake, another of Ontario's great areas of beauty and peace, long ago,

‘In wilderness is found the preservation of the world' ~Henry David Thoreau."

Only those of us who have lived on and around water for our lifetimes fully understand this.

Aug 10, 2007 03:04 PM
Jo-Anne Smith
Oakville, ON

True, Bill. You can't understand something you've never experienced....
and,  sadly , passion and appreciation only follow experience and understanding. Perhaps this is why it is so hard for environmental groups to reach through to the public and draw in enough volunteers to begin to make a difference  in the work they are doing. 

People are forgetting where they came from and what sustains them...and when they forget, they no longer teach their children or endeavour to bring their children to places that will foster understanding and appreciation.

This is part of the collateral damage of 'progress'. I call it 'loss of soul'.


Aug 10, 2007 10:54 PM