Stay off the Trails – Avoid the Temptation Until the Spring Melt Subsides.

Commercial Real Estate Agent with Kingswood Co.

With the closing of the local ski resorts and backcountry options quickly melting, the temptation amongst the community is to get out and hit the trails. 

WAIT.  Please. 

For the sake of a long and enjoyable summer, give the trails some time to absorb the spring melt.  The damage that is done by overzealous use in the spring takes an enormous amount of trail building work to repair.

Remember, three wet days followed by one day of sunshine is not enough to dry out an already soft trail.  Pay attention to trails that receive the most sun and wind and stay away from those that are hidden from the sun or at higher elevations.

Hang in there!  It won’t be long until summer is here.

Meagan Hill is a Commercial Specialist at Windermere Real Estate servicing the Jackson Hole WY and Teton Valley ID markets, and Principal of kingswood co., llc providing Project Management consulting services.

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