Making Friends From Illinois

Real Estate Sales Representative with CENTURY 21 Ludecke, Inc.
I was recently given a lead referral by my company to help a nice married couple that was re-locating from their home in the Chicago suburbs. The company that the husband was interviewing with is in Arcadia, so they listed Arcadia as their purchasing prefrence. Their budget was presented to me along with the area square footage and lot size dimensions they desired to purchase in Arcadia. Needless to say, they were a bit taken back by the selling costs of homes in Southern California, not to mention the Arcadia area. As nice as it is, their purchasing Arcadia may not be too realistic, and having known their financial expectations in advance, I had prepared a tour of neighboring cities in Monrovia and Azusa to augment our preliminary searches in Monrovia. (This story continues, and becomes quite interesting to my readers. While writiting this, I was called to help out a new client looking for a foreclosure in Monrovia, so I'll be back to finish this entry up when time permits.) 

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