Bad World Economy Good For Mortgage Rates

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Greece is going bankrupt! Spain. Portugal, Ireland and several other countries are on verge of defaulting! The growth in the world's economies is either at a stand still or moving into negative territory!

Over the past month we have all heard the above statements from the experts in print and also the financial news networks. Take a look at our own stock market which has dropped from it's intra-day high on 4/26 of 11,308 to an intra-day low of 9756 on 5/26. That's a move of 1552 points in a one month period. Why? Because we are all now part of the world economy. As much as these so called financial experts expound on how the US can decouple itself from these fledgling countries we cannot. As an example, take one of our own homegrown company's Mc Donald's. McDonald's gets 40% of it's revenues from other countries. The list of American companies depending on 40%- 60% of their total revenues coming from foreign economies is quite substantial.

Yes, but so what does all that have to do with me or mortgage rates you might ask? Well very simply the above situation is causing fear within the world's financial markets. Fear of no growth,default, high unemployment and uncontrollable debt.  All this fear creates flight; meaning  pulling money out of stocks and putting it into bonds. The upside to all this money flowing into bonds is that it also lowers interest rates. That is why the faltering world economies is currently giving you the opportunity to refinance your current higher mortgage rate to a lower rate at around  4 5/8% or 4 3/4%. That could mean quite the monthly savings depending on your current interest rate. Let's say you purchased your home at $400,000, put 20% down and had a mortgage balance of $320,000  If your current rate was 5 1/2%, then your monthly mortgage payment would be $1816. Refinancing at a lower rate of 4 5/8 would bring your monthly payment down to $1645 saving you $171 a month or $2052 a year.

The one thing to remember if you are thinking about refinancing is that this opportunity will only give you a short window of opportunity. It will only take a few quick and precise moves by the European central banks to give the false impression that everything is now on track once again. If they succeed at this, then money will once again begin to flow into the world stock markets and out of bonds thus raising interest rates.

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