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I have been in real estate now for 1 year and i just received my first REO.  I am looking for ways for find more REO listings.  If you have any infomation on websites, banks, or any other infomation on how to find more REO's I would greatly appreciate it.


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William Moore
Innovative Realty - Londonderry, NH is a good resource.  Let me know what other tips you get.

Aug 06, 2007 09:34 AM
Brad Andersohn
Executive Director of Education at eXp Realty - Fairfield, CA
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Aug 06, 2007 07:49 PM
james voak
seton capital - Scottsdale, AZ

The 8 major banks are contracted with 1 of 4 major facilitators of Bulk REO packages. We are direct with 2 of the 4 true facilitators. Everyone else who says they have product is either not real, they are on an email list of drop packages from deals that have already went down and the buyer is dumping what they don't want and mass emailing it out, or they are several layers away from one of the 4 true facilitators. These banks will not deal with anyone directly other than their facilitators.

If you would like to get a TRUE REO package please reply to this email.
Also I am not involved in these deals nor do I represent the sellers. They are referral partners that I work directly with. I have no fee or hand in the pie which seems to be a popular problem when transactions like this are put together. I will have the source contact you directly pending the seriousness of the buyer. They are the true source of realistic bulk REO so your are directly dealing with the person not a guy who knows a guy who knows another guy.


These can be provided from Patrick once they have spoken and are set to open a transaction


In order to initiate business I will need the following documents signed and filled out completed by the buyer:

·         Buyer Brokers Agreement

·         NCNDA

Investor Profile/Purchase Reques


Dec 09, 2007 09:08 AM