The Real Estate Home Staging School TM Announces Workshop - Asheville, NC

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The Real Estate Home Staging School TM  Announces Workshop - Asheville, NC

The Real Estate Home Staging School TM  Announces our June 24,25,and 26,  2010  Workshop

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 Our 3 Day Hands-on Home Staging/Merchandising Skills and  Business Development Workshop 

This Workshop is two days of intensive Hands-On home staging to learn and practice implementing home staging and merchandising skills.  The third day of this Home Staging with Merchandising and Business Workshop  is dedicated to business development. (The 3rd day can be attended via teleconference and materials, if your schedule demands.)


Itinerary for 3 Day Home Staging Workshop

Day 1-   9am to 5pm (lunch provided)


 Home Staging Project - Location 1

•▪     Intense Coverage of All Home Staging Principles and Core Competencies- conducted in a actual staging location.

•▪     Hands-on Home Staging:

•▪     You conduct an analysis of the Staging Project and prepare a written Staging Plan.

•▪     You present your report to one of our staff members. Then implement your staging plan!

•▪     The home staging class tours all of the staged rooms and each before picture, for thought provoking discussion.


Day 2- 9am to 5pm (lunch provided)

 Home Staging Project - Location 2

 Morning Activities:  conducted in an actual staging location.

▪ Instructions and guidance on Verbal Consultation with  Written staging report.

▪Role Play- You will conduct a walk-through consultation with the "homeowner". Give specific recommendations based on your staging core competencies, merchandising guidelines  and property issues. You will addresses  the homeowner's many questions.

▪ Prepare a written staging report on this property Submit to Mentor for review and discussion 


Afternoon Activities: conducted in a different room than the morning activities 

•▪     Prepare Design Board and a Bid on a Vacant Staging Room.

•▪     Present Design Board to your Home Staging Class and Instructors. Your bid will be analyzed by your instructor

A great staging plan is of no value if you cannot communicate that plan effectively to the client.  Throughout the workshop activities, your communication skills verbally and in writing  will be assessed and recommendations for improvement offered

(departure time may be delayed until all required activities are accomplished)


Day 3 -  9 to 4pm (lunch provided)

 Business Development Workshop

4 pm- Business Development Graduation Ceremony

This Business Development Day can be conducted via a teleconference with one of our Head Instructors

Morning Activities-

•▪     Business Development-Names-Business Set up- Accounting-Customer Service-Business Research

•▪     Branding and Marketing-Internet and it's benefits- Networking - SEO

Afternoon Activities-

•▪     Role Playing- How to effectively turn a received call into a new client

•▪     Create A Business Plan . This instrument can mean the difference between a Business Success and a Business failure!

4pm- Graduation CeremonyHome Staging Graduate Logo

All Home Staging Graduates will receive their diploma and graduate materials during their graduation ceremony. Photos will be taken of all graduates to remember this event.


If you are interested in joining our June 24th, 25th and 26th  2010 Three  Day Home Staging Workshop 

 To Enroll and for more information click here 

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