Powder Mountain Memorandum of Understanding - Summary

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Following is a high level summary of a proposed Memorandum of Understanding between Weber County and Powder Mountain ownership (Western America Holding, LLC).  This MOA will be open to public comment on June 1st, 2010.

Phase 1: 1477 units.  This assumes the following: each single family home is counted as "1" while each hotel room is counted as "1/3.  In other words, a 30 room hotel would be counted as 10 units.  Commercial development is NOT included in the density number. Recreational and commercial uses will be developed as needed to support the resort.  Phase 1 will move forward as long as the development complies "substantially" with the approved plan. TRAFFIC STUDY IS NOT REQUIRED UNTIL START OF PHASE 2...

Phase 2: 1323 units. Upon the completion of Phase 1, County will issue scoping letter and WAH will pay for a traffic safety/impact study by an entity acceptable to both parties.  The traffic study will review Powder Mountain RD and recommend improvements to Powder Mountain Road including guard rails, signage, flashing lights in dangerous areas and runaway ramps.  Weber County and WAH will forward the study to the UDOT and "actively seek" UDOT's implementation of the Study's recommendations.  The traffic study will also "determine whether a secondary access is necessary for emergency purposes and/or general use" and provide cost estimates for both improvements to Powder Mountain Road and secondary access road.  Upon completion of the traffic study, the available Road Improvement Funds will be used to begin implementation of recommendations from the Traffic Study. The source of fees used to improve the existing road and secondary access road will be from a proposed transfer fee attached to the sale of property in the Powder Mountain development.  However ... Utah Senate Bill 161 may prohibit the assessment and use of these proposed transfer fees...


Comparisons between 2010 MOA and 2007 Ogden Valley Planning Commission Recommendations for Powder Mountain Development:

1) Seasonal emergency access route to be provided and improved to accommodate passenger cars PRIOR TO any commercial or residential building permits being issued by the Weber County Building Official. A PERMANENT access road shall be improved PRIOR to site plan approval beyond the 895th unit and/or room.

2) Powder Mountain Resort density shall not exceed 1218 Dwelling Units and 385 hotel rooms.  This would equate to 1218 + 1/3 x 385 = 1218 + 129 = 1347 units vs 2800 units in 2010 MOA (less than 1/2 the density proposed by MOA).

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