Armstrong County VA Mortgages

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Thinking about using your VA eligibility?  Obtaining a VA Mortgage in Armstrong County is a great way  to finance your next home or refinance your current home.  VA loans are mortgages that are guaranteed by the United States Department of Veteran's Affairs.   VA loans allow an eligible service member to get 100 percent financing on a home without having to pay for private mortgage insurance.  On most other types ofmortgage financing, if a purchaser borrows more than 80 percent of the value of a home, the lender requires him or her to purchase mortgage insurance.

An eligible veteran can obtain 100 percent financing on a mortgage of up to $729,750, although the total may be lower in some states and counties. To determine the local loan limit, visit

If a veteran is seeking to borrow an amount greater than the local limit, the veteran can bring in a down payment of up to 25 percent of difference between their maximum loan amount and the purchase price and still have the loan guaranteed by the VA.

Another benefit of a VA loan is that the seller is permitted to pay all of the buyer's closing costs.  A veteran with using a VA mortgage can actually get into a home with zero dollars coming out of his pocket. 

Eligibility requirements for V.A. loans are described in detail on the agency's Web site:


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Yay for VA, especially going in to the Memorial Day weekend!

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