Fly the American flag properly on Memorial day!

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Do you know how to properly display the American flag on Memorial Day?

In the morning when the flag is posted it should be raised properly to half mast(staff). Proper raising is to take the flag to the top of the pole and then slowly lower the flag to half mast.

Then at the Noon hour the flag should be slowly lowered and then briskly raised to the top of the flag pole. It should remain at this postion for the rest of the day.

Why half mast and then full mast?

The first part of the day while the flag is at half mast is in remembrance for those that have given their life for our country. The rest of the day when the flag is at full mast is in remembrance and in honor for those that are serving or have served our country.

I hope all will fly the American Flag with pride on Memorial Day.

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