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Why Hire A Realtor To Sell Your Home Or Property ?

In real estate, we always hear location, location, location! Try this term on for size. Marketing! Marketing! Marketing! An expert in the field will understand and know who to market your home based on marketing statistics. Just like all the fortune 500 companies know that there success lies in visibility and becoming a household name. This is why companies spend millions of dollars each year in advertising. MARKETING!!!!!!! The risk for a realtor is that these marketing expenses are out of pocket until reimbursed at time of closing.

What is most important to you the seller? Price and timeframe of sell? A real estate professional will conduct a Comparative "Market" Analysis (different from an appraisal) to effectively price your home. The first 2 weeks a home is on the market is the most crucial. Pricing will either create a revolving door foot traffic or a couple of stragglers whose only interest is how your home and decor stands up to the price but not there to buy it. A realtor spends hours preparing for a listing with no guarantee of payment. Time is money.

No one can control when a home will sell. However, there are effective marketing techniques that will expose your property to the masses for what should make for a shorter timeframe. Again, a calculated financial risk of the realtor.

Another crucial factor on timeframe is accessibility in to your home. A real estate professional can make access to your home relatively easy for the potential buyer and comfortable for you. A buyer driving by your property and sees the sign in the yard and becomes excited. They will either call their realtor or yours for an immediate showing if possible. The buyers having access to your home at that moment stands a better chance of making you an offer instead of waiting for an appointment with a for sale by owner who is unavailable to show the property at that time. Each time your realtor shows your property they do not realize payment for their time unless the property is sold and closed.

What you say can cost you. Inexperienced sellers may say the wrong things. "We need more space." "Its too much to handle." "We want to live in a swim and tennis community." "I want a newer home with modern amenities." "Can't afford the upkeep." "Property taxes are too high." Your real estate professional is trained to sell property and knows what to say with integrity yet pleasingly to the potential buyer. These techniques are learned by hours and money spent in classes to be of better service to you a recipient and a benefactor of their knowledge.

Some other very important attributes of a real estate professional are negotiating skills, preparing and understanding legally binding preprinted real estate contracts, protecting the interest of their client be it the buyer or the seller and understanding the intricate details of the real estate process. An effective realtor can make this process easier and even enjoyable for their clients with care, attention to detail, professionalism, honesty, knowledge and a commitment to service.

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