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"I believe that one of life's greatest risks is never daring to risk."


Oprah Winfrey



Where do we lose the ability to take risks?  Why do we stop stretching ourselves somewhere between being toddlers and adulthood?  Well most of us anyway.


I believe there's one underlying reason we stop doing this, FEAR.  Fear can motivate you to great things or it can paralyze your life.  Fear of losing it all will get you to pick up the phone one last time or get that letter out to your sphere.  It can also have you make up every excuse in the book why not to pick up the phone or not write the letter.


Fear of rejection is the single greatest killer of sales careers all over the world.  If you can handle rejection you're going to be great, if you can't you're not, simple as that.  Think about it, what are you afraid of?  Is it that Sally might not buy today?  She might not like what you have to say about her home?  SO WHAT!!!  If Sally doesn't like you some one else does and that's the key, every rejection brings you that much closer to the next acceptance. 


If you close just 1 sale for every 10 new people talk to you only need 10% of the people do dig you and you're on the way to superstardom in any sales field.  All you have to do is work the numbers.  If you talk to 10 new people you get 1 sale.  If you talk to 50 new people you get 5 sales.  Use the law of averages to your advantage.  Most people can't handle the 9 rejections it takes to get the one sale.  So they make up stories.  "The markets slow"  "It's a buyers market and I only work with sellers" It's a sellers market and I only work with buyers"  "I have to make sure I know how to do the perfect CMA so I'm going to take this class"  "It's dinner time, I don't want to bother them at dinner time"  "They didn't want to sell last year so I know they won't want to sell now"


We've all heard these 1,000 times, even used some of them I'm sure.  I know I've used some in the past.  The reality is this.  If you believe there are buyers or sellers out there doing business then you'll get out there and talk to as many people as possible about your services.  If you don't you'll sit in your office behind computer screen and keep telling yourself little white lies because you're afraid of being rejected. 


I challenge you today to conquer your fear of rejection and never look back.  Go out there and spread the word the big things you're up to, better yet get your clients to spread the word too.



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Comments (2)

Nathan Blair
Salt Lake City, UT
That's a great thought, Jamey. Fear can be so paralyzing, but when we address it, as you have, we can begin to conquer it. 
Aug 07, 2007 05:37 AM
Birmingham Alabama Real Estate, Stephen Wolfe
LivingInBirmingham.com - Birmingham, AL
What a great thought! I've always heard that the two things which hold more people back and fear and doubt. Thanks for the tips on overcoming.
Aug 07, 2007 08:16 AM