Until all of us have made it, none of us have made it.

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Rosemary Brown said, "Until all of us have made it, none of us have made it."  This is a quote included in the meeting agenda from the Dallas,RESA (Real estate Staging Association) Chapter.  I attended my first chapter meeting a couple of weeks ago.  There I was, surrounded by home stagers and those that hope to start their home staging business soon.  I felt welcomed and immediately began to exchange ideas with another stager. 

Some may wonder why I would choose to have lunch with my competition.  Why would I share my knowledge and experiences with other stagers who could take my expertise and use it to grow their business?  I have an answer; we are stronger when we work together.  Home staging is still a new concept that most of the public and many Realtors do not know about.  Those that have heard about the concept may not understand the value.  So, when we work to educate others about the the importance of home staging, we can then grow our own businesses. 

Realtors have learned that  there is power in numbers.  They are all competing to list and sell the same properties and they share the same office space and attend training sessions together and they've done it for years!  We learn from each other to make the industry better for everyone.  So, I will return for another Dallas chapter meeting because I when my colleagues succeed, I succeed!

For those home stagers in the Dallas area, check out the RESA FaceBook page: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=233619491761

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