Buy Foreclosure Auction Trustee Sale, Salt Lake City, Utah

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Buy Foreclosure Auction Trustee Sale, Salt Lake City, Utah

Trustee Sales A-Z Online Video Course

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Successfully Buy At Foreclosure Sales


Foreclosure Sales Are Abundant.  Be There To Buy At Great Discount.

  • Easy to Understand
  • Highly graphical video presentation
  • Detailed yet entertaining
  • Focused on results
  • Become a foreclosure sales expert right away
  • Fun learning

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Learn Exactly How To Buy Properties At No-Judicial Foreclosure Sales
All you must know to profit through buying at foreclosure sales. The perfect complement to Short Sales A-Z.


  • Time proven strategies to acquire profitable properties at foreclosure sales.
  • Clear explanation of foreclosure sale types, lingo and protocols.
  • How to mitigate risks through title analysis.
  • Effective ways to fund foreclosure sale purchase
  • (1) Hour of concisely presented knowledge.
  • (8) In-depth modules.
  • Trustee Sales Course delivered in High Definition downloadable video. Keep it in your computer. Review it any time.
  • Complete PDF Workbook. Print and reprint as much as you want.
  • View Trustee Sales course content.
  • See Trustee Sales course overview.
  • A thorough but still enjoyable course.
  • Learning made fun.


I have been buying properties at Trustee Sales for over six years. My father was my mentor. He has been a real estate investor for over forty years. We buy, sell and hold dozens of properties per year. I reviewed Trustee Sales A-Z. I find this course very thorough. It covers all the aspects of buying at trustee sales in detail. It shows how to do things right. I like the video format, document analysis and especially the fact that it is easy to understand right away. This course is hard to beat.
Karen Meyer
Investor, Salem, Oregon

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