Killeen Texas Real Estate - New Homes in Old 440 Village

Real Estate Agent with Texas Heritage Real Estate TREC# 499747

Introducing Yellow Lilly Builders in Old 440 Village - Killeen Texas! Brick homes starting at $119K for about 1600 SF - WOW! Killeen Texas Real Estate is known for its affordable housing market - and that has not changed. Homes sales average around $120K and buyers can even purchase new construction in and around that range of price. Its incredible I know, but its also true. Homes in Killeen and around Fort Hood Texas are what bring investors into our area as well!

Our driving force here is the largest military base in the word, Fort Hood Texas. Troops are constantly in and out on a regular bases- making a real estate agent very busy with constant new buyers and new listings. Property management has been a great place to grow our business as well. It often happens that an owner will be moved to another duty station before they have enough equity to sell- so we help them take care of their home in management until the times comes that they are in a position to list. Works great for everyone!

If anyone is working with an investor that is interested in seeing what our market has to offer- let me know and I will send a list of properties to look at. Or if any Realtors are looking to make a change to a great market- I would be happy to talk with you about how we can help make that happen!!

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