Powder Mountain Memorandum of Understanding Gets Green Light from Weber County Commission

Real Estate Agent with Destination Properties

Following a three hour, standing room only public hearing I attended last night (June 1st), Powder Mountain owner/developer representatives (Western America Holdings management company, Pronaia Capital Partners) Joseph Pierce and Steve Nielsen and 40 primarily Ogden Valley residents voiced their respective opinions, the Weber County commission unanimously approved a ten-point BINDING Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).  The MOU gives the green light for the development agreement (DA) process to move forward for Powder Mountain.

Bottom line: 1477 units are allowed before a traffic safety/impact study of any type is conducted.  As defined in the MOU, a single family home represents one unit, while a 100 unit hotel would count as 33 units.  The developer stated over 80% of the total acreage in Powder Mountain would be open space, and that Eden Heights would be removed from the MOU.  The MOU provides for a total of 1477 (phase 1) and 1323 (phase 2) units for a total of 2800 units over 4475 acres.

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