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Lower Snow Levels + Summer Water Conservation – What Does It Mean?

Commercial Real Estate Agent with Kingswood Co.

With the April snow falls (+ May rain…), we’ve been fortunate to see a massive 10% increase in the snowpack water content, elevating us to 63% of average.  This is certainly a great improvement, with the 37% deficit demanding an extra effort from everyone of us to conserve water.

For many, the concept of water conservation causes a bristling, defensive effect.  Frankly, it’s not a difficult thing to do and it’s achievable without compromising personal comfort, hygiene and business functionality.

Here are some suggestions;
•    Irrigate lawns and plants during the early morning hours when there is less wind and evaporation – for some crazy reason, our community is great at watering at noon on an 85 degree day – check it out this summer, I guarantee you’ll find it happens frequently;
•    Only irrigate things that grow – don’t irrigate the dirt or the pavement.  Check your sprinklers and hoses to make sure they’re adjusted properly;
•    Sweep the pavement outside your place of business rather than hosing it down;
•    When you renovate or retrofit your home or office, install Water Sense rated Faucets and Toilets;
•    Wash your Business Windows with a brush and blade rather than pressure washing.  This uses substantially less water AND is much less likely to cause a water leak as you blow high-pressure water under the seals of your doors and windows.
•    Wash your vehicles on a porous surface such as lawn where the excess water can be absorbed and used to irrigate instead of causing runoff to the storm water OR use a commercial car wash that recycles the water.

Meagan Hill is a Commercial Specialist at Windermere Real Estate servicing the Jackson Hole WY and Teton Valley ID markets, and Principal of kingswood co., llc providing Project Management consulting services.

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