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Going after the ever elusive expireds can be a challenging and frustrating adventure. First I try to make contact by phone and try to find out why the property didn't sell, was it lack of showings, lack of Realtor doing their job, or what in their opinion was the problem. Usually they will tell me a little bit and sometimes they will tell me more than I want to hear. The usual reason the home didn't sell was priced to high and the Realtor didn't market the home. Now I have one on the market where the seller won't lower the price even after I've shown them the reasons why, I've done the marketing and now we need to lower the price. We'll see what happens on that one, if we don't get some results soon I can't afford to have it listed. Back to the expired if it works I like to make an appointment at their convenience to view the home and do a comps comparison to see if the price is the problem. In some cases its the Realtor that has dropped the ball and needs to market the home. Some expireds are so stuck on the price and can't budge for various reasons, the number one is they are upside down, the second is they want to make a profit to cover all the updates they put in the house that it needed to sell. There are a host of other reasons, but one thing I tell people if you were looking for a house like this would you pay this for it. In our job we have to be considerate of others feelings and try to the best of our ability present the facts that we need to, so they understand why we priced their home the way we did. Its not always easy but usually interesting.

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Vickie McCartney
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Hi Gary~  There is a fine line between keeping a listing or walking away from it!  It isn't cheap to have listings!  The cost us a lot of time as well as money!

Jun 03, 2010 05:17 AM