Everyone Needs A Little Tuning - Organically, That Is!

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Carol Cannon's June, 2010 Sacred Sustainable Design Living  newsletter is packed with information! 

Do you need a Feng Shui 'Tune Up"?   Gain an extra bonus 1/2 hour of consulting time for each hour of my time throughout June - details in the coupon at the bottom of the newsletter.

Are you looking for a career where you can support the environment, help people learn how they can be healthier, and promote organic, sustainable and fair trade products?  There is an answer for you in this issue, too!

Do you love gardening?  Two articles filled with ideas that will send you outside to your garden, humming along with the bees!

Looking for an idea of what to get for Dad?  How about something from a fabulous organic line of products designed just for men?

Going to a June wedding?  The wedding couple would be sure to love an organic, sustainable item for their home!

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Carol Cannon's June 2010 Sacred Sustainable Design Living


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