South Ozone Park- Queens Best Kept Real Estate Secret Part II

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Being a Native New Yorker and spending most of my life in Manhattan, when I run into people and they ask where I live now, I have to admit "I used to say "the boondocks".  Now I tell them South Ozone Park and I say it with pride.

Now I've lived and owned in the country so when I refer to a part of New York City as being the boondocks that is compared to Manhattan, not small town USA.

The fact of the matter is I love South Ozone Park, New York and it is becoming less boon-dockier (snicker) while still maintaining it's residential, small town feel.  If I blind-folded you and took you there you wouldn't know that you were in a city.  But you go a few blocks this way or a few blocks that way and you have all the conveniences of the city.

Over the next few months I will be posting about the great things going on in my community and blow the whistle on Queens Best Kept Real Estate Secret!

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